Kailyn Lowry of "Teen Mom 2" has recently revealed that although she's given birth to her newest addition over a week ago, she still doesn't have a name for him. For now, she and the father of the baby, Chris Lopez, are calling him Baby Lo, the nickname she came up for him while she was pregnant. While Kail originally stated that she wouldn't need to consult anyone else for her third child's name, it seems that Chris has stepped up to the plate after all and the pair are figuring out a name for their baby together; even though it doesn't seem like they're able to agree on anything for the time being.

Why can't Kail pick a name?

Kailyn Lowry tweeted a while ago that she had narrowed down her choices of a name for Baby Lo to Murphy, Ripkin, Griffin, Nixon and Silas. Several fans expressed that they weren't really impressed with any of the names, and her son Isaac, 7, told her that Murphy sounded like a name for a dog. Others noted that if she named her son Nixon, it would mean that she has a second presidential name, as her middle son is named Lincoln. She has revealed that whenever she likes a name, she often finds something to ruin it, such as remembering she knew someone with the name earlier whom she didn't like or a friend of hers knew someone with that name who had extremely bad luck.

Ultimately, Kail has said that she and Chris Lopez are having trouble choosing a name because of the fact that none of the names seem to fit him after he was born. They have tried on the names that Kail liked from her Twitter poll, but it seems that Baby Lo just isn't taking to any of them thus far.

She has to choose a name with her baby daddy

Originally, Kailyn stressed about the fact that she was going to be going at this new pregnancy alone. The mother-of-three was not expecting the father of her child to be there for her at all, and expressed trepidation at "being a single mom from day one." While Chris and Kail are definitely not back together (Kailyn has expressed that she's "good" being single), it seems her baby daddy has had a change of heart when it comes to his involvement in Baby Lo's life.

Originally, the young father was uncertain as to his involvement, and it was at one point reported that Kail didn't even have his number and they he wanted nothing to do with her or the baby. However, he did attend Baby Lo's delivery, and was photographed exiting the hospital with Kail before the new baby's photo was revealed. It is uncertain if he will appear on "Teen Mom 2."