Vienna Girardi has revealed on Facebook that she lost her twin baby girls. "The Bachelor" star took to the social media site yesterday, penning an open and heartbreaking letter about the loss of her babies. Girardi was 18 weeks pregnant when she suffered the miscarriage. The star's pregnancy was high-risk, which she revealed to US Weekly on August 2. Girardi spoke to the publication about her excitement over the pregnancy, and her shock when she found out she was expecting Twins. She told US Weekly at the time that she was hoping for girls, and she'd wanted twins all her life.

She described discovering she was going to have twins as one of the best moments in her life.

Vienna shares heartbreaking message on Facebook, confirming loss of babies

Vienna shared a devastating post on Facebook yesterday, detailing the loss of her twins. The star said the traumatic event started unfolding on August 3 when she had to go into hospital for an ultrasound. Girardi was informed that she was showing symptoms of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS). According to Girardi's post, the syndrome involves one twin getting more nutrients in the womb than the other. The star's water broke that evening and she was told by doctors she had to give birth to the baby girls. Medical staff explained to Girardi if she didn't deliver the twins, who could not survive outside of the womb, she would put her own health at serious risk.

However, Girardi revealed doctors told her there was a chance the babies could survive, but it was "under 5%". The star decided to try and save her twins, but unfortunately, their hearts stopped beating two days after she went into the hospital. Girardi herself went into septic shock, with a fever of over 104 degrees. She had to have emergency surgery and spent the following 4 days in intensive care recovering.

Star donated twin babies to science in hopes that no one else will experience what she did

Girardi confirmed in her post that the twins passed away on August 5. She revealed she struggled to come to terms with their deaths and spent days in bed trying to figure out why it had happened. The star was approached by a doctor, who asked her to think about the possibility of donating the baby girls to science.

Girardi said the decision to give her twins to science was the "hardest" decision she's made in her lifetime. The 31-year-old said the donation of her twins means research into TTTS can be furthered, and possible solutions to the condition may be found.