A miscarriage is the loss of a pregnancy during the first twenty weeks. It's more common than most ladies are aware of. According to NHS Choices, among these women who knew they're pregnant, it's estimated one out of six of them can suffer a miscarriage.

Bachelor Alum, Vienna Girardi miscarries twins

Recently, one of Bachelor Alum, Vienna Girardi, experienced miscarriage and lost her twin baby girls. According to US Weekly, in previous weeks her perinatologist noticed signs of her with Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS). TTTS is expected to occur when a mother is pregnant with identical twins.

In this condition, one baby gets too much blood, and the other one receives lesser blood than needed.

Vienna spent two weeks in the hospital to try her best in saving her little angels, but their hearts stop beating while she suffers septic shock with 104 fever.

On Sunday, August 13, the public got the news when she shared this harrowing experience on Facebook. In her caption, she wrote, "the hardest thing I have ever had to write."

In a statement of Vienna's rep to Us Weekly, Vienna has a long journey to recover this loss, she is robust and is aware of her girls are at rest in heaven. The rep is even calling the public to respect her privacy and permit her time to grieve.

Maria Carey, Beyonce, and Nicole Kidman had to deal with miscarriage too

The birth of twins Moroccan and Monroe brought so much joy to Maria Carey and Nick Cannon after experiencing a miscarriage in 2008. According to Carey, losing their child took them to a place that was dark and difficult.

On the other hand, Beyonce went through a miscarriage in her first pregnancy in 2012 before baby Blue Ivy came into her life.

In her documentary Life Is But a Dream, she confessed about it and said that her child's heartbeat was the most beautiful music she ever heard in her life. But something went wrong in the earlier stage, and the heart beat stopped. The miscarriage was also rapped in the singer's husband Jay-Z's hit "Glory."

Lastly, Nicole Kidman had spoken during her interview with Vanity Fair regarding the miscarriage she suffered within the thick of filing a divorce from Tom Cruise.

She mentioned that, when she and husband Tom get married, she desired to have a baby right away, but they lost their baby. The experience was very traumatic for her before they adopt Bella.

Indeed, to experience miscarriage is one of the hardest part women has to face in her road to parenthood. In this traumatic incident, these women need to be brave in embracing the loss they will never wish to happen in their lives and to their angles. While others are very open to this struggling moment with the intention of helping other women in the same situation, there were also many mothers who keep it private which must be respected.