An old clip from an episode of "Judge Judy" has resurfaced on the internet and has gained immediate popularity. Within the first few days of the video being posted, it received 3 million views. The video now stands at 5 million views as people are watching a case pertaining to rightful ownership over a Dog. The reason why the case is so special is that "Judge Judy" allows the dog in question into the courtroom and lets him pick his rightful owner.

Clip is from an episode that aired in 2012

According to Esquire, a video clip from an old episode of "Judge Judy" has resurfaced online and has been viewed over 5 million times.

The case involves a plaintiff who claims that the defendant stole his dog. The defendant claims that she bought the dog from a woman in the streets who claimed that she could no longer look after the canine.

The defendant was fully prepared to argue her case but it appeared Judy had a much easier method of proving who the rightful owner of the dog was. While the defendant tried to produce vet bills and receipts of purchases for the dog, Judge Judy asked a woman who was on the defendant's side to go and get the dog.

The dog was brought into the courtroom and introduced to the judge as "Baby Boy." The audience gasped when adorable canine was brought to the courtroom.

The judge let the dog choose his rightful owner

According to Daily Edge, "Judge Judy" told the woman to put the dog on the floor to which the defendant ordered the woman not to. The defendant kept telling the woman not to put the dog down but "Judge Judy" was adamant about the decision and the woman did as was asked of her.

Baby boy reunited with owner

The audience gasped in delight as Baby Boy shot across the courtroom to the plaintiff and began to jump up around his owner.

It was clear that Baby Boy knew whom he belonged to as he excitedly ran around the plaintiff. The defendant stated that the dog does that with everyone he meets but the court simply ignored her. The judge closed the case asking the plaintiff to take the dog home.

The plaintiff broke down in tears as Baby Boy celebrated being returned to his owner.

The judge then ordered the plaintiff to pick up his dog and Baby Boy turned to affectionately lick his owners face. The plaintiff's partner stated that she always knew that they would get Baby Boy back and was glad that the judge did not side with the defendant.

The producers of "Judge Judy" hasn't made a statement yet.