Looks like the "American Idol" is in trouble. So far, the show has confirmed only one judge for the next season. Singer Katy Perry has been confirmed as the first judge of the show's reboot. The producers have not confirmed the details of other judges yet. Payout for the judges has been the primary concern for the organizers.

None of the former judges have signed up for the next season of the show

According to TMZ, "American Idol" is struggling to find judges for the show's next season as none of the previous judges have signed a contract yet. While the show has secured Katy Perry as a judge, they do not have anyone for the second, third and fourth slots as of yet.

There are only six weeks until the show's auditions begin and the network is beginning to get worried. Lionel Richie was going to be a definite part of the series, however; he and his team are now asking for $10 million. According to the "A.I" producers, this is twice what Richie has been earning. However, they might not have any other choice but to take Richie up on his offer as time is running short.

As for Charlie Puth, Luke Bryan and Keith Urban, it has been confirmed that the producers are currently in discussions with the others judges about signing up for the show. However, there has been little movement towards a deal and fans are beginning to think that the show will have to be canceled.

The first round of auditions to begin Thursday

According to the Daily Mail, the first round of auditions for "American Idol" is to begin on Thursday however; these auditions do not involve the judges of the show. These are the show's initial auditions for members of the public who are interested in moving forwards to the recorded series.

It has been confirmed that the judges for "American Idol" will need to be found and signed up by September, as this is when the judges will be on the panel. The producers of the show have expressed their desire to have four judges as this formula has always worked for the show in the past. However, with time running short they may have to pay two judges more than expected and go with three judges for the next series.

According to 411Mania, the biggest issue for the producers is the amount of money that the judges are requesting to continue with the show. In a report by the Daily Mail, it has been confirmed that Katy Perry is being paid a sum of $25 million for her role on the show and the other judges feel as if this is deeply unfair.

There has been no further statement from the producers on their progress with the judges and one can only hope they do not end up having to cancel the show.