The famous director Roman Polanski has been accused of several claims of sexual assault over the past few weeks. The man was involved in a case with Samantha Geimer who claimed that Polanski raped her when she was only thirteen years old. Two other women have since come forward with the exact same claim and offered their support for Geimer.

A third victim has come forward and broken her silence on the assault

According to The Guardian, the woman is only being identified as "Robin" and has claimed that Roman Polanski sexually assaulted her when she was only sixteen-years old.

Robin appeared at a press conference in Los Angeles where she opened up about the assault that occurred over forty years ago.

She stated that the incident happened back in 1973 and that although the limitations for her to take legal action have passed that she may be able to testify in future trials. She claims that the day after the assault she went to one of her close friends and told her what had happened.

"Robin" stated that she did not say anything at the time of the assault, as she was afraid that her father would go after Polanski and do something, which would result in him spending the rest of his life in jail. She has stated, also, that she was prompted to come forward with her case after the victim at the center of a rape case against Roman Polanski was asking authorities to end the case.

According to the BBC, "Robin" was infuriated that the current case against Roman Polanski is still ongoing. The victim, Samantha, claims that she was sexually assaulted by Polanski and has asked the courts to put the case to a rest. Samantha has expressed her desire for closure both for herself and for her family.

This is not the first time that Roman Polanski has been accused of sexual assault

According to the Telegraph, it appears that a total of three women have come forward thus far and accused Roman Polanski of sexually assaulting them when they were minors. The more recent case of Samantha Geimer has seen Roman Polanski confess that he raped the woman after several other minor charges against him were dropped.

Polanski spent nearly fifty days at a psychiatric facility where he was examined. He has since fled from the United States as he does not want to spend time in prison and feared that there would be a deal organized between his attorneys and the courts.

Polanski has been arrested on US warrants both in Poland and Switzerland over the past ten years, however, both countries have declined to extradite him. This has meant that Roman Polanski was able to assault more women over the past ten years due to the failures to bring him to the courts.

One can only hope that Roman Polanski is found and sentenced to a longer sentence due to fleeing the country before trial.