Victoria Newman is displaying a shocking double standard regarding mixing business with pleasure. She told Cane to celebrate with Juliet in Tokyo, then became enraged when she found out the two had sex. On Friday, Vicky put the moves on Ben, who is a potential business partner, and went to bed with him. Both Cane and Victoria had one night stands with people they just met.

Cane Ashby initiated this situation with Victoria

While in Tokyo, Cane was so drunk he did not remember going to bed with Juliet, and because of his lapse in judgment, "Brash and Sassy" was hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Victoria was so enraged that she fired Juliet, and later Cane. She kept emphasizing the damage done to the reputation of her company because Mr. Ashby got involved with Juliet, but Vicky has done something similar. She may have put her own self in a situation to lose her reputation and all she has worked so hard for.

Victoria judged Cane for sleeping with a potential co-worker and now she has done the same. Ben is a business mogul who may be able to pull "Brash and Sassy" out of the gutter, or at least give Victoria business tips that would help. She had only known him for a few hours when she suggested they leave dinner and ended up in bed. Cane was drunk, and some viewers believe he may have been drugged.

At this point there is no reason to believe Vicky was not aware of what she was doing.

The bad judgement of Victor Newman's daughter will open the door for Jack to try to take over her company according to spoiler alerts. The double standard is going to make her seem hypocritical, as she spent the night with a virtual stranger.

More importantly, Victoria left her children home with the nanny for dinner that turned into a one night stand. This is not wise behavior at all. Victoria's business accumen and her personal life choices will now be under the microscope.

Will a medical crisis excuse Victortia's erratic behavior

Spoiler alerts have been suggesting that Ms.

Newman's erratic behavior may be a result of her fallinig, and hitting her head, after Abby threw a drink in her face. If true, Jack Abbot won't care as he swoops in like a vulture to claim "Brash and Sassy."

Victoria's behavior has been shocking, but she deserves better than her father's fiersest rival using her illness to get revenge on her dad.

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