Villy fans have been excited regarding recent events on "The Young and the Restless." It looked like Billy and Victoria have been getting closer, but spoiler alerts indicate things are going to take a nasty turn. Vicky is going to wake up in bed beside a man named Ben.

The shocking plot twist that will disappoint Villy fans

This is a shocking plot twist as it will delay a reunion between Villy. Fans want to see this couple together and don't want Victoria with another man. "The Young and the Restless" writers are going to alienate viewers who have been patiently waiting for Billy and Victoria to reunite.

And to add insult to injury, the spoiler alerts state that Phyllis is the one who will be pushing Ben in Victoria's direction.

On Thursday Phillis had a talk with Ben and suggested he talk to Victoria. He called her and she agreed to have dinner with him. Spoiler alerts do not indicate how Vicky will end up in bed with Ben. It's possible she may have too much to drink, or it could be a result of her medical condition. Phyllis may believe this has sealed the deal, but it may backfire in her face.

Ben may bring Victoria and Billy together

Billy is protective of Victoria and he will be wary of any new love interest. In addition, Ashley knows that Ben is not to be trusted and she may relay this information to her younger brother.

If Victoria is troubled by her one night stand and seek additional medical help, Billy will be right by her side. If she decides to pursue a relationship with Ben, Billy will be paying attention and even be jealous. Either way, he will be drawn into his former wife's life.

Spoiler alerts indicate that Billy will find out that Phyllis set all this up, and he will be angry.

This probably will be the end of their relationship. For one thing, Billy will not like Phyllis meddling in the love life of the mother of his children, period. He will know she was jealous and trying to keep Vicky away from her man. If Victoria decides to date Ben this will be another twist in the dysfunction of the family dynamic that affects Reed, Katherine, and Johnny.

It will not be because Vicky fell in love on her own, but because Phyllis intervened.

If Victoria spent the night with Ben because of her medical condition, drinking too much or even if he forced her, Phyllis will still be blamed. She will have set things in motion that put Vicky in a dangerous situation, one which she did not have the mental capacity to choose willfully on her own. Phyllis should have learned by now that meddling in other people's affairs never works. You would think that after the stunt Victor pulled by replacing Jack with another man, Phyllis would not wish that on her worst enemy. She made a rash decision to keep Vicky away from Billy, and now it may cost her dearly.