Fox News has been in the spotlight a lot lately and unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons. Sadly though, it doesn't look as though the American news channel will be catching a break anytime soon. The controversy comes after Fox had to suspend one of their star hosts on Friday. Eric Bolling was suspended amidst allegations of Sexual Harassment. A Fox News spokesperson told the press that Bolling would remain suspended until the truth was discovered, according to the Guardian.

The accusations

Eric Bolling, co-host of the nightly Fox Show, "The Specialists," was initially accused of sending female co-stars and colleagues lewd pictures of male genitalia.

A Huff Post Report on Friday claimed that Bolling had sent such photos to at least three of his female colleagues. These photographs are believed to have been sent several years ago by text message. However, shortly after these accusations arose, Caroline Heldman, a lady that had often appeared on the show as a guest, came forward and added a few accusations of her own.

Heldman said that Bolling was one of the people at Fox News who had sexually harassed her. She alleges that Bolling called her demeaning names such as "Dr. McHottie," even on the air. She also mentioned that he asked her to fly to New York with him at one time, claiming that they would have "fun," despite the fact that Bolling is a married man.

Bolling's statements about the matter

According to Time, Bolling's attorney Michael J. Bowe has issued a statement saying that the accusations are the furthest thing from the truth and that as far as Bolling can remember, he has done no such things. Bowe also added that Bolling would not rest until the truth about the matter is revealed.

Bolling has not spoken to the press about the matter, as of yet.

It will be a sad and ironic occasion if such accusations turn out to be true. Especially considering how Bolling slammed Anthony Weiner, a former American congressman for his sexual harassment of a 15-year-old girl. At the time of that story, Bolling claimed that Weiner was a "sick human being".

Now it is our turn to question whether Bolling is not himself also a "sick human being".

The investigation is still underway and no further statements have been made by Fox News. If found guilty of such sexual misconduct, Fox News will surely not be kind to Eric Bolling. They can't afford any more bad publicity and besides, it is important that an example is made so that sexual harassment becomes a thing of the past.