On Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Victoria agreed to have dinner with Benjamin. While he was talking, Vicky seemed distracted, and his voice sounded muffled in her ears. When things went back to normal, Ms.Newman suggested they leave. Later she was all over him and they ended up in bed together.

The bump on the head may be clouding Victoria's judgment

Ever since she fell and hit her head after Nikki's concert, Victoria has been having issues. She fainted in the elevator at work and was found by Phyllis. Vicky also has been plagued by headaches and hearing muffled sounds.

That bump on the noggin may also be clouding her judgment. She broke down and cried in Abby's arms which was quite out of character. And now she has gone to bed Benjamin, who is a total stranger.

Ben is a business mogul, who was rather rude to Ashley during a business trip, where Ravi had to put him in his place. In an attempt to keep Victoria and Billy apart, Phyllis suggested that Benjamin give Vicky a call. She thought perhaps he could help get "Brash and Sassy" back on track, and Villy would no longer be working 15 hour days. As usual, this plot by the former fiery red head is going to backfire. The business dinner between the executives quickly turned into an evening of pleasure.

When Victoria comes to her senses her response will tell all

When Victoria wakes up on the morning after, her response to the previous evening will let viewers know where her head really is. The "Brash and Sassy" law suit, firing Cane and Juliet, and the aftermath from it all may be too much for Victor Newman's daughter. Watching Billy and Phyllis together is also hard for her to deal with.

She may have wanted a night of fun with no strings attached and will have no regrets.

Victoria could have had too much, to drink, and found herself in a situation much like Cane, or the bump on the head is causing her to have erratic behavior. Should Vicky come to her senses with a hangover, wondering how she got into this predicament, those watching "The Young and the Restless" will know what is going on.

When Billy finds out he will no doubt be angry, and perhaps even a little jealous.

He was not expecting a business dinner between Vicky and Benjamin to turn into an all nighter. This may cause him to view his ex-wife in a different light. If all of this is a result of a medical crisis Billy will be right by Victoria's side. Spoiler alerts indicate that he will eventually find out that Phyllis set all this in motion, so Villy fans may get what they want in the end.