Victoria Beckham is a world famous celebrity and has recently announced that she will be collaborating with Estee Lauder to make a second makeup line. Victoria released the news on her Instagram page with a simple image showing her name and Estee Lauder on a black background. Fans have been going wild since they heard the news and are beyond excited for the makeup lines release.

Beckham has worked with the company in the past

Victoria Beckham recently announced that she would be collaborating with Estee Lauder to create a new makeup line, however; this is not the first time that she has worked with the company.

Last year in 2016 Victoria released her first makeup line with the company in what was the biggest makeup launch of the year.

Her first makeup line captured the attention of critics everywhere, and in the end, the line received great reviews. Beckham's fans rushed to stores to purchase the line created by the former "Pussycat" doll. Beckham starred in the advertisements for her makeup line the first time around, and fans are wondering if she will do the same for her second makeup line.

Several products from Victoria Beckham's first line will be included in her second makeup line launch. According to her, at least ten items will be making the leap to the celebrities the second line and fans are delighted that some of their favorite products will be making a return.

Beckham's new makeup line

According to her, Victoria Beckham has confirmed that her makeup with Estee Lauder will be available for purchase come September 2017. The new collection will have 18 new and exclusive products, and fans are already planning their purchases. Included in these products is a skin perfecting powder, liquid eyeliner, various eyeshadow colors and a brand new lipstick.

In a recent interview with W Magazine, Victoria announced that she was able to play around with different areas such as mascara, blush, and powder. Beckham also announced that the size of her new collection is double what her first was with 28 products in total for face, lips, and eyes.

According to W Magazine, the celebrity’s inspiration for this collection was gotten from the celebration of color.

The star stated that she also took inspiration from different cities around the world that she has celebrated and pulled colors from these places into the collection.

Victoria Beckham has confirmed that her makeup line will be released come September 2017. Fans cannot wait to try out the new products the celebrity has created and are looking forward to finding the makeup that suits them the best.