Looks like Beyonce and Jay-Z are using their connections to get the best security for their twins, Sir and Rumi. Earlier this week, Celebrity Insider reported that the power couple reached out to former president Barack Obama and asked him to help them.

According to reports, Beyonce and JAY-Z requested Obama to have his secret details help them protect the young twins. The news outlet also alleged that the politician agreed to extend his help to the couple.

Only the best security for the family

Rumors also claimed that Obama's security already toured Beyonce and JAY-Z's Malibu mansion.

Apparently, the team wants to ensure that the family's security plan is "optimal." The news site also alleged that the couple asked the security team to setup top-notch home security system similar to the Obamas.

There were also claims that Beyonce has been spending at least $25,000 a day for her children's security.

However, a source close to the couple was quick to dismiss all the claims, calling the reports inaccurate. Both parties have yet to comment as well.

Obamas and Carters are close friends

Although rumors that the Carters asked help from the Obamas were already debunked, some believe that the idea might not be far-fetched at all. It's no secret that Beyonce and JAY-Z have been good friends with Barack and Michelle Obama.

In fact, the former president even helped induct the rapper at the Songwriting Hall of Fame - something that not many politicians do. Obama has always been very vocal about his admiration for JAY-Z as well.

The 55-year-old African American politician admitted that he is the only president who listened to rap songs while in the White House.

On the other hand, Beyonce has also been very supportive of Obama. It can be recalled that the Lemonade singer wowed the crowd during her performance at Obama's inauguration as president in 2008.

Beyonce and Michelle hang out together

Meanwhile, an unseen footage of the singer's birthday party last year was leaked online on Friday.

In the clip, Beyonce and former first lady Michelle Obama can be seen hanging out casually during the celebration.

The duo was accompanied by Solange and another friend. In the video, the group can be heard saying, "Bye, Felicia!" while waving at the camera.

The two powerhouses have been collaborating on other projects as well. It can be recalled that Beyonce participated in Michelle's Let's Move campaign against obesity.