The fourth of July is not the usual holiday for the couple David and Victoria Beckham as they celebrated their 18th Wedding Anniversary. The couple commemorated their celebration by posting their throwback photos together online.

It has been eighteen years ago on that day when David and Victoria tied the knot and promised to each other their lifetime commitment and love. The 43-year old fashion designer took to her Instagram page on Tuesday and shared a photo of their wedding together.

Old school photo

As Victoria posted their throwback photo online, the fashion designer wrote a caption that says, "I love you.

Kisses." In the old school photo, David was seen holding their little baby while smiling at each other.

A report from People also shared that their baby was resting in the arms of David during their wedding ceremony. On the other hand, the 42-year old David also opted to post more of their throwback photos on Instagram.

He also posted some of their photos together as they wore their infamous outfits in matching black leather suits. David seemed to laugh at their photo, and he seemed can't believe that they really did wear such outfits.

He also ended his post on Instagram as he greeted his wife "Happy anniversary." To recall, the couple has four adorable children; Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and their only daughter, Harper.

Making the relationship a priority

Celebrating eighteen years of marriage is an opportunity that is seldom denied to many. It is definitely a milestone that is worth celebrating for. In one of his interviews, David shared some tips on how they get into this eighteen years long.

The 42-year old actor said that he and Victoria always made it into the point that their relationship is their main priority.

Further, he also added that they agreed to work with each other whenever they experienced hard and rough situations in their family. David also considered his family as a strong unit since he believed that they also both have strong parents.

A report from People also revealed that David believed that they had been raised with the right values and that's one of the main secrets of their relationship. Further, he also revealed that there were times that they committed mistakes towards each other. However, they also made sure that they can work things out before it gets worst.

Apparently, even celebrity couples don't have the perfect marriage. However, it is also the choice of both to work through it and get over the trials that had been part of it.