vicki gunvalson met the new housewife, Peggy Sulahian, on this week’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Orange County." Vicki wanted to meet her because she was the new housewife and she wanted someone who didn't judge her on past mistakes. She decided to visit her and her husband Diko during the episode and she was surprised and flattered when Peggy decided to open up about losing her father recently. Of course, fans know how Vicki recently lost her mother and how everything was captured on camera for the show. As she explains in her Bravo blog this week, she can relate to Peggy about how there's a constant numbness after losing a parent.

What's interesting about this week’s episode is also how Peggy decided to have surgery as a preventative move in terms of breast cancer. Her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer and Peggy wanted to get a double mastectomy to remove her breasts to prevent having to deal with a cancer scare. The doctors had already told her that she possibly had abnormal cells, so she decided to move forward with the surgery. When Vicki learned of the news, she called Peggy brave.

The cancer trend returns

But it is interesting that Vicki is now discussing Peggy's cancer surgery considering she's been involved with the cancer scandal a couple of years ago. When Vicki learned of her surgery, she was very determined to learn whether she actually did have cancer or if it was a preventative move.

Maybe Vicki doesn't want to get caught in a lie once again by talking about cancer on the show once again.

When Vicki was being inquisitive about Peggy’s surgery, many of her co-stars talked about it on Twitter, hinting that it was odd to see Vicki talk about cancer once again. Gunvalson has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the Brooks Ayers cancer scandal and he has even said that she should be cleared of all accusations.

Bonding over losing their parents

According to Vicki's Bravo blog for this week’s episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," Vicki feels that she can bond with the new housewife because of what they've gone through with losing their parents. She feels very honored that Peggy would open up about losing her father so shortly after having the surgery and going through something so emotional.

Vicki quickly found something to relate to as she lost her mother.

While it is sad that these two women can bond over losing their parents, it's also interesting to see how Vicki can make friends with Peggy so fast. Given she doesn't talk to Tamra Judge or Shannon Beador, it is nice to see Vicki having some friends in this current cast. She and Kelly Dodd have become close friends and they continue to grow their friendship this year. Even though there were rumors of them not being able to get along, It sounds like they are now closer than ever. Perhaps Peggy will join them as she doesn't seem to get along with Meghan King Edmonds based on the previews for next week's episode.

What do you think about Vicki Gunvalson being inquisitive about Peggy's Cancer Surgery?