Soccer champ and husband to “Spice Girl” Victoria Beckham received an unreasonable backlash from overly concerned parents following an Instagram photo he shared. David Beckham is kissing his 5-year-old daughter on the lips. But a few wrote heartless responses.

The photo gathered 1.8 million likes and 8,203 comments. Majority of the comments were praises for the doting father but some did not see the photo as something worth to be shared. One comment called Beckham a pervert and finds kissing his daughter weird says Huffington Post. Another one wrote that it is exploitation and may affect her daughter’s perception about her future relationship with a man.

The comment even referred to the father of four as a sick man.

Parents defended David Beckham for kissing daughter

Parents reacted in behalf of the 42-year-old football superstar. One parent wrote praising him for his affection towards his daughter. CBS New York reported that some love the photo but others find it weird. The long thread of comments showed opposing opinions. Just like a similar photo shared by Victoria Beckham kissing her daughter on the lips, it has also received condemnation.

One parent is right in saying that parents show affection differently depending on what is acceptable and practiced in their home. David Beckham and his wife are loving parents to their four children. In fact, when their eldest son Brooklyn Beckham started dating, they talked with him seriously about dating a girl.

Kissing a child on the lips is not proper in the eyes of many people because of the proliferation of incest and abuse within the home. Child trafficking has become rampant. But following the lives of the Beckhams and knowing how they value their children, those comments are unfounded.

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham propagate love in their family

David Beckham celebrated his birthday with lots of love from his family. His celebration was a social media friendly celebration with lots of photos shared. In one photo taken by his wife, Harper was holding her dad’s shoulders while leaning on his back, the rest of the boys all beamed at the camera.

Their only daughter and her mom had a photo blowing kisses to each other dedicated to the birthday celebrator and the rest of the boys all have special greetings for their Dad.

Romeo Beckham shared a photo of himself hugging his Dad and mentioning on his caption that his dad is the best and the coolest dad. Cruz Beckham shared a photo with his dad and wished him an amazing day. Brooklyn Beckham shared a black and white photo of his dad and wrote how he loves him.

Those Instagram photos and greetings during the head of the family’s special day is enough proof that theirs is indeed a very loving and demonstrative family. David Beckham’s photo kissing his daughter is indeed a picture of fatherly love and nothing else.