In an exclusive report by RadarOnline, it has been revealed that the singer, whose real name is Usher Raymond IV, is currently facing a lawsuit filed by a celebrity stylist. The news outlet alleged that the "U Got It Bad" singer paid his former lover $1.1 million dollars and covered her medical expenses after contracting incurable herpes from him.

According to the court documents obtained by the news site, Usher was suffering from the condition between 2009-2010. It has also been revealed that the award-winning artist even had a humiliating experience after a "greenish discharge" once oozed from his private area.

The doctors eventually labeled him as an "asymptomatic carrier."

Usher kept herpes condition a secret to his ex

Based on the affidavit from the complainant, it was noted that the eight-time Grammy winner engaged in unprotected sexual intercourse without disclosing the herpes infection. Apparently, the ex-couple went on to have rigorous sexual activities without taking any precautionary measures that could have prevented the contraction.

Usher eventually spoke to his partner and managed to convince her that he was all clear. The singer allegedly told her that an STD examination came out negative, thus leading to more unprotected sex.

"Believing Raymond’s statements that it had been nothing and cleared up, [she] continued her relationship," the plaintiff's lawyer revealed.

The ugly truth revealed

Usher and his former flame managed to continue with their passionate intercourse without a hitch until three weeks later. According to reports, the complainant woke up "feeling very sick" with a "fever of 100 degrees, chills, headache, and pains."

It was also revealed that she "developed lesions and blisters in her vagina." The victim allegedly sought treatment at an urgent care facility where she was diagnosed with herpes.

After learning about the stylist's condition, Usher was "very apologetic and promised to figure things out".

Documents dated April 23, 2012, revealed that the singer, who goes by the pseudonym "Papa Bear" in messages, issued a check amounting to $2,754 to cover the medical expenses of the victim.

Lawsuit officially filed

In 2012, the lawsuit against Usher was officially filed by the victim at the Superior Court in Los Angeles but was settled later on for $1.1 million.

In the complaint, the singer was accused of "consciously and purposefully" hiding his herpes infection from the victim and "continued to have unprotected sex" despite its dangers.

In California, the law requires a person who has knowledge of his or her herpes infection to abstain from sexual contact with an uninfected person. A person diagnosed with herpes is also encouraged to warn partners about it before sexual intercourse.

As for Usher, the famous singer reportedly apologized to his ex for infecting her with the virus and promised to take care of things. Meanwhile, the victim expressed her distressed about the matter, adding that she "feels that her health and body have been ruined." She also added that she "has suffered emotional distress and has been extremely depressed knowing that there is no cure."