Two weeks after his most recent run-in with the law, music artist Aaron Carter surprised social media over the weekend with a big reveal on Twitter. The 29-year-old singer had dropped the bombshell then regarding his bisexuality, being the latest in a group of media personalities who have come out to identify as such (like Kristen Stewart). Lucky for Carter though, his Twitter confession has received a good deal of positive response if the number of his fans commenting to show their support is any indication.

Coming out as bi

The evening of Saturday, August 5, Aaron Carter posted a tell-all consisting of three paragraphs on his Twitter account.

Without much beating around the bush, the pop and hip-hop star came out and said he was going to get a secret regarding himself and his identity off his chest. To do so, according to Aaron, would not bring him any shame but merely relieve him of one of his personal life’s burdens. The wham line that followed all but confirms Carter’s self-identification of being bisexual, when he revealed feeling equal physical attraction for both boys and girls when he was but thirteen years old.

"There were years that went by that I thought about it,” Aaron notes in his written statement. He then admits that at the age of 17, he had his “first experience” with a man that he felt attraction for.

Said partner in that experience was described by Carter to be someone he had “grown up and worked with,” though he did not elaborate further. He also noted how his music was his sanctuary of sorts from the insecurities he felt, keeping his secret from the world at large. “To me music has always been my temple,” Aaron remarked.

“Music will ALWAYS be what transcends all of us and myself.”

Turnout of support

Aaron Carter may have been looking for affirmation regarding his bisexuality, following the indignity he felt from his recent incarceration. He got that and more. An outpouring of fan support followed in the wake of his tweet, coming from both supporters and celebrity friends of his.

One of these voices was actor Royce Christyn, a friend of Carter’s, and social media influencer Perez Hilton.

Carter and his girlfriend were arrested in Habersham County, Georgia, under suspicion of driving under the influence and possession of marijuana. The music artist took to social media to deny any drug problems and state that he does not even drink. There was also some Twitter friction between him and older brother Nick over the incident, as Aaron was of the opinion that the former BSB was aloof towards him during that time.