Usher is currently facing a lawsuit from three individuals who claim that they were past partners of the singer and were not told that he had herpes. The individuals have stated that their rights were violated and at least two out of the three have tested positive for the disease. Celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom and her team have decided to take on the three individuals as clients and are currently pursuing justice.

The hair stylist claims that she was paid off

According to Billboard, hairstylist Maya-Fox-Davis is seeking justice after she claims that celebrity Usher exposed her to the herpes disease.

The 38-year-old RnB artist reportedly paid the Hair Stylist a sum of $1.1 million after he allegedly exposed her to herpes.

Maya-Fox-Davis is not the only woman who has come forward claiming that Usher has exposed her to the disease. In a report by Radar Online, three past sexual partners of Usher have since come forward and claimed that he also transferred the disease to them. These partners include two women and one man who wish to remain unrecognized and have taken on the alias' of Jane Doe and John Doe.

These three past allegedly partners of Usher have stated that Usher did not make them aware of the sexually transmitted disease and as such, they are now seeking justice. One of the women, Quantasia Sharpton, has come forward in a press conference with celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom and openly stated that she had consensual sex with Usher after meeting him at one of his concerts.

She has also stated that she was only 19-years-old at the time and was completely unaware that the singer had herpes. She has confirmed that while she has tested negative for the disease that she was not aware of the risks she was facing at the time. Usher's representatives have claimed that her claims are fictional.

Celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom comments on the case

According to People Magazine, celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom has appeared at a press conference recently and given her thoughts about the case. She stated that she is usually swayed to the side of the underdog but that it is her job to investigate the claims made by the victims and by Usher himself.

Bloom has stated that news reports have been surfacing over the past month accusing Usher of contracting genital herpes and has followed this up by stating that one cannot always trust was the media shares. She has stated that she and her team have been doing a lot of research into the case and have stated that she has decided to represent the three victims.

Usher has not made a comment about the current ongoing lawsuit though his representatives have stated that the claims against him are false.