Tomi Lahren recently appeared on an episode of "I Am Jazz" when she invited transgender youth activist Jazz Jennings on her show to discuss Transgender Rights. The pair discussed what it means to be transgender and shared their contrary opinions about the bathroom bill. The conversation was calm and informative and allowed both sides to share their ideas about the issues.

Lahren invited Jazz Jenning's onto her show

According to Fox News, Jazz Jennings was invited onto Tomi Lahren's show to discuss transgender youth and their rights with the conservative.

Lahren featured in part of an episode of "I Am Jazz" where she and Tomi Lahren had a debate on transgender rights. In a previous episode of the show, Jazz was shown a video in which Lahren stated that people were identifying as transgender to attack people in bathrooms and to reap the benefits of transgender rights.

Jazz Jennings, a transgender youth activist, decided that she would appear on the show in order to change some of Lahren's viewer's minds about what it means to be transgender. Although the teen was clearly nervous to talk to someone as opinionated and loud as Tomi Lahren she felt that, it was her duty to educate people on transgender youth.

The host was calm when speaking with Jazz

According to MRC News Blaster, Jazz and her family spend much of the run up to the discussion bashing conservative individuals and stating that they are aggressive and disrespectful of transgender youth. However, the interview goes off without a hitch and Tomi Lahren is not aggressive towards Jazz Jennings in any way.

She gives Jazz the platform that the teenager was looking for to educate both her and the public about the issues surrounding transgender rights and youth. Jazz explains that she was born in a male body but that does not match her gender. Instead of debating with Jazz, Tomi Lahren listens to what the teenager has to say before asking her about transgender rights.

The conversation then turns to a discussion about the bathroom bills and states that her concern is that sexual predators are pretending to be transgender so that they can assault people of the opposite sex. Jazz was shocked to hear Lahren's assumption on transgender people and has stated that there has been no case where a transgender person has ever assaulted someone in a bathroom.

Tomi Lahren proved that conservatives could be understanding towards issues that they do not completely agree on while Jazz was the perfect advocate for transgender youth.