Just 24 hours after Donald Trump was sworn into office on Inauguration Day, over 500,000 protesters took part in the Women's March in Washington, D.C., with many more doing the same across the country. As expected, Trump supporters weren't happy about it, including conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren.

Tomi's final thoughts

When Donald Trump was taking the oath of office on Saturday, an estimated crowd of around 200,000 were on hand to witness the billionaire real estate mogul become the 45th President of the United States. The crowd size has since been a hot topic in American politics, with Trump and his administration accusing the media of lying about the numbers.

However, the same location, and the surrounding areas, were filled by more than twice that amount the following day as the Women's March took over Washington, D.C. As the opposition to the new president continues to grow, those who stand by Trump are pushing back. As seen on her "Final Thoughts" segment for The Blaze on January 22, Tomi Lahren is speaking out.

"Lets talk about that Women's March on D.C.," Tomi Lahren said, while adding, "The whole idea started the day after the fair and free election of President Donald Trump." "The 'snowflakes' were so taken aback that they felt they needed to do something," Lahren noted, before rhetorically asking, "something constructive? No, not really."

"When they finally stopped crying, they decided to plan a march in Washington, D.C.," Tomi Lahren continued.

"For what reason? To show little girls around the country that they too could play the victim card. They too can have their greatest contribution to society be whiny about the election," she added.

Tomi triggered

Tomi Lahren didn't stop there, as the popular conservative social media star was triggered into bashing the protesters, labeling the liberal females "disgruntled women who talk out of both sides of their mouth." Lahren attempted to back up her allegation by citing the liberal support for Hillary Clinton, who accepted millions of dollars from countries in the Middle East who have been known to violate human rights and have a controversial history in treating women. "If your kids can't handle the results of the election, that's not a Trump problem it's a parenting problem," she went on to say, before closing her segment shortly after.