"General Hospital" fans have been in limbo almost all of 2017 when it comes to the Maxie (kirsten storms) and Nathan (Ryan Paevey) relationship. The couple wed earlier this year, but after that, they have not spent much time on screen together. In January 2017, Ryan Paevey took some time off from "General Hospital" to film a movie. Shortly after he returned, Kirsten Storms took her leave of absence to handle her health issues which were later revealed to be severe depression. It has been quite a ride for "Naxie" and their fans, and it isn't over yet.

Maxie returns briefly

It has felt like forever for "General Hospital" fans who wanted Kirsten Storms to return to her role as Maxie. In the last few weeks, she has appeared on screen twice, for one episode at a time. It was revealed that Storms will be easing back into work after her break from the show. Nathan has been hanging around Port Charles, holding on to hope she will return home from Portland. As it turns out, she wants him to move with her.

The idea of Nathan moving to be with Maxie is hard for fans to grasp because they would be off the canvas. Clearly, this isn't how "General Hospital" is going to keep things, but it might explain something for the next few weeks. According to ABC Soaps in Depth, Ryan Paevey is going to take a break from "General Hospital" to film a movie for the Hallmark Channel.

It is just a brief hiatus, and it isn't likely going to be a huge deal. There are rumors that Nathan may leave to visit Maxie in Portland while he is away filming the movie as to not disrupt the story line too much.

Will 'Naxie' ever get it together?

There is so much that fans want to see happen with "Naxie" right now. The fact that the past eight months have brought no movement on the couple's marriage has some fans outraged.

The idea that both actors have taken time away from the show is troublesome for the couple. Initially, the writers didn't anticipate so much chaos from Kirsten Storms and Ryan Paevey. Now, they have to work with what they are given, which isn't much. "Naxie" fans are holding out hope that once the movie is filmed and Storms is back to her routine, there will still be a story left for the newlyweds.

The next few weeks are going to be intense on "General Hospital." There is going to be plenty of cast changes, some more important than others. Ryan Paevey will be exiting briefly, but his return has been confirmed already. For being a fictional town, Port Charles is exceptionally busy.