On Tuesday, Todrick Hall revealed some details about Taylor Swift's newest music video for "Look What You Made Me Do." It has been reported that Swift's newest single has been an epic in terms of views since its release. During his Facebook Live interview, Hall has revealed about his partnership with Swift's secret project. He also shared the behind-the-scene secrets which happened while filming Swift’s newest single.

Epic video

The YouTube star has revealed that he was one of the backup dancers on "Look What You Made Me Do" music video which Swift released over the weekend during the 2017 Music Video Awards.

He can be seen at the left side of Swift right at the 2:12 mark of the video clip. Hall revealed that it was probably the first and the last time that people will see him in a crop top. He felt a lot nervous about what he did; nevertheless, he was also proud since he has not done such thing over his entire life.

As he continued with his interview, Hall also shared that Swift called him back in May about the secret project. Since then, he was sworn to secrecy not to tell the project to anyone. He also added that Swift is simply an iconic and epic person and it has been a huge privilege for him to be part of the music video.

Hall has also praised the brunette singer a lot for having able to convey her emotions through her songs.

He also appreciated how Swift can turn everything she held in her hands to gold. Basically, it is only Swift who can create music in the most creative manner.

Huge secret project

According to Entertainment Tonight, Swift's recent music video had been shot in May.

Hall just revealed that what they did was a huge secret project and most of them have found it hard to keep it. Nevertheless, everyone who was part of the project has respected Swift a lot because she has also treated everyone so well. Further, he also added that her recent music video has spoken volumes of the kind of person she is.

During the release of "Look What You Made Me Do" official video, it has been learned that Swift has also sent everyone a bouquet of flowers and has thanked them all for being part of the secret project. Meanwhile, the video has also featured Hall doing a dance with Swift. He also confirmed that he didn't do anything about the dance choreography since it was created by Swift's friend, Tyce Diorio.

He added that Diorio was the person behind the dance moves of Swift's "Shake it Off." He was also impressed how Swift made her dance moves very natural. As he ended his statement, Hall shared that Swift just definitely made a very great job.