Champion golfer Tiger Woods wants to sue the site that leaked his and his girlfriend’s private photos online. That is if they will not delete the Nude Photos. The photos were leaked after his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn’s phone was hacked. Intimate photos of the duo taken when they were still together and Wood’s nude photo sent to his girlfriend were leaked.

Celebrities are the prime targets of hacking

Woods, who was arrested recently for DUI, commissioned lawyer Michael Holtz to take care of the lawsuit if the site insists to post the photos reports New York Post.

Katharine McPhee who was also a victim of hacking along with Kristen Stewart, Stella Maxwell, Woods, and Miley Cyrus is also planning to file a case as per the Daily Beast.

Despite their separation in 2015, Woods and Vonn’s private photos were intact and are now in the hands of the hacker. They were the hottest couple in the sports community during the time but they separated after two years.

Lindsey Vonn said that what happened to her was an outrageous and abominable kind of intrusion into one’s privacy. Stealing and illegally publishing one’s private photos deserve to indemnify the victim and penalized to the fullest extent of the law.

A bigtime hacker of famous celebrities was sent to jail

The other celebrity victims’ lawyers are working hard to have the photos deleted from the Celeb Jihad website.

One hacker named Ryan Collins who victimized other celebrities, one of them was Jennifer Lawrence, has been persecuted. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison. According to Collins, he used a phishing scheme to access more than 50 iCloud and 7s Gmail accounts in two years time. Majority of the victims were female celebrities.

The female celebrities were vulnerable victims and their leaked nude photos online might mean losing projects and endorsements

It is difficult to control the proliferation of the nude photos on the Internet because they are being copied and shared. Tiger Woods and his girlfriend have been separated already but their nude photos continue to surface online.

The 41-year-old golfer is currently undergoing a diversion program and to assess the effects of his self-medication practice for his back pains.

Tiger Woods is presently at the bottom facing several issues in life but like his name, he is fierce and strong and will eventually bounce back again. He has not participated in a PGA Tour recently.