The world’s greatest golfer, Tiger Woods has occupied news headlines on Monday when he was arrested on suspicion of Dui. The American sports hero was arrested around 3 a.m. in Jupiter, Fla. Initial reactions of the public vary with some suspecting that he is not doing well.

Daily News mentioned Woods in a report saying that the biggest star in the history of American sports has hit his lowest when he was arrested. The initial assumption that he was under the influence of liquor or drugs led many to believe that he has been into those stuff.

Tiger Woods denies alcohol involvement in arrest

According to the same report, the golf champ used to be the epitome of the successful American sports man but it has turned up the other way around after his mug shot appeared in the tabloids. Woods denied the involvement of alcohol but admitted about prescription drugs.

Finally succeeding reports prove that he was not drunk and was released immediately. This was not the first time that his name was dragged in a controversial situation. In 2009, he was reported to have been found lying on the street after his Cadillac Escalade crashed on a fire hydrant near his home. This was after he has been exposed to have cheated on his wife Elin with Rachel Uchitel.

Two days after, he apologized and promised that he will never do it again. Four days after, another woman named Jamie Grubbs stepped out claiming that Tiger Woods has slept with her in 2007. A porn star named Holly Samson also claimed that he has an affair with her. Woods apologized every time a new woman surfaces that tells of his philandering ways.

Woods’ womanizing has caused some of his major sponsors to drop as reported by Yahoo. Woods then sought help at a sex treatment center in Australia. His recent arrest has caused his past mistakes to be mentioned and also his past achievements in the world of golf.

Tiger Woods mug shot altered

A controversy appeared in a report after his arrest.

ESPN published a photoshopped image of the best golfer in the world, according to Business Insider. His mug shot was altered. Instead of seeing a forlorn man in a regular booking photo, an image of Woods appeared with a different crop of hair. ESPN was presumed of helping Woods, making his photo to appear in a friendly background. But many said that the photo was cropped hastily. ESPN’s reason for altering the mug shot was not known.

Tiger Woods’ recent arrest not only brought back his regretful past but also focused his failures and incapacity to play because of his injuries. But many are still hopeful that he will bounce back again, that is, if he puts his focus on the right direction.