The first previews of episode 105 have finally been released, and it seems that its plot will center on Master Roshi. Our sources indicate that he may be planning something that could be beneficial for universe 7, but sadly, it could also be harmful to him.

In the preview of the episode, we can see a scene in which Son Goku asks Roshi if he is sure to put his life at stake to perform such a dangerous technique. Then we see another scene in which we see the Saiyan crying to his master not to do it, or he will die. Is Goku referring to the Ma-fuu-ba?.

Will Master Roshi attempt to take out the whole Universe 4 in one move?.

This situation has, without any doubts, created much speculation in the fandom, but fortunately, a new review of episode 105 has finally been released. Unlike all of the other synopses we’ve reviewed, this one will probably make you sad.

Review of episode 105

The new synopsis has recently been translated from the Japanese to English, and its source is the website of the very own Fuji TV channel, the one that televises the series each week. The review relates the following…

“Master Roshi will face Universe 4. In this battle, he will face a female opponent that will try to seduce him to defeat Goku’s former master. Will he sacrifice to defeat and take out the Universe 4 finally?”.

The synopsis leaves room for many interpretations. It is possible that Master Roshi will perform the Ma-fuu-ba once more in an attempt to take out the rest of Universe 4 warriors in one move, risking his life in the process. But it is also possible that this female warrior threatens his life. Will she succeed in tempting the Turtle Hermit and defeat him, triggering Goku’s rage?.

Will the Saiyan take out Universe 4 in revenge?

The Turtle Hermit in trouble?

The possibility that Master Roshi may die using the Ma-fuu-ba or a similar kind of technique that requires exhausting amounts of ki to be performed is a critical point in the plot of the saga. We know that killing is forbidden during the tournament, but nothing is said about the sacrificing acts.

We believe that should Master Roshi die, Goku will simply not tolerate the rage and, driven by sheer madness, will surely unleash hell among the remains of Universe 4 team, eliminating them from the contest.

But we also know that it is quite soon for the Universe 4 to be eliminated since there are still two hidden warriors in the arena that no one is aware of. These two enigmatic enemies don’t even appear on Zen-oh’s god pad, and they are supposed to be Quitela’s main warriors and hidden weapons.