There is probably no more famous a golfer and who is more followed by the mainstream media than Tiger Woods. The sportsman leads an interesting life, to say the least, and manages to stay in the news. The news items started off telling about his genius on the golf course and eventually seemed to gravitate more towards his personal endeavors.

However, recently it seems that Woods is up for some bad publicity after being accused of driving under the influence. The charge was served while in the vicinity of Woods' home in Florida. According to a report by ESPN who cited local law enforcement, the DUI incident happened early Monday.

Now, people might automatically assume that Woods was driving under the influence of alcohol — which is a reasonable assumption — but Woods promptly defended himself, saying that in this particular case alcohol was not involved.

An 'unexpected reaction'

According to an article by ESPN, Tiger Woods explicitly stated that it was an "unexpected reaction" to medication that led to the incident.

"I want the public to know that alcohol was not involved," the ace golfer said. He explained further, saying that what really happened was that he had an unexpected reaction to some of his prescribed medication.

Tiger Woods fully cooperates during his arrest

In the same article, Woods was also reported as saying that he understood the consequences of his actions, and this has resulted in his full cooperation with the local police force.

In turn, he thanked the Jupiter Police Department and officers and the County Sheriff's Office in Palm Beach for their professionalism.

In addition to stating his full cooperation, he also profusely apologized to his friends, family and of course his fans. He said that he expected more from his self as well, and promised them that he will not let a similar incident happen again.

It may be remembered that Woods recently underwent, and is recovering from back surgery. He shared that the operation gave him relief, saying that he has never felt that good in years. Whether the medication that caused his arrest was associated with his recovery remains to be unknown.

Kristin Rightler, a spokesperson for the police, says that the charges officially filed were for "Dui alcohol or drugs/DUI-unlawful blood alcohol" Beyond that, Rightler claimed that she did not have any more details regarding the actual circumstances leading to the arrest. Nor did she have additional information regarding the charge itself — if the incident really did involve drugs or alcohol.