country singer Thomas Rhett has recently opened up about his experiences as a father. The singer has two daughters, both of whom are still in their early years. Rhett talked about the difficulties of parenthood and about how he and his wife Lauren are handling the responsibility of being parents. The singer shared some insights into how he has surrounded his children with music as they have grown up.

The singer claims that fatherhood is intense

According to Entertainment Online, country singer Thomas Rhett has recently opened up about his experience as a father.

The singer is married to Lauren Atkins and the pair has two daughters together. Rhett claims that he and his wife are simply taking things are they go and are handling parenthood one-step at a time.

In an interview with Entertainment, Thomas Rhett opened up about the challenges of having more than one child and stated that it is difficult to find a balance between the pair. He revealed that juggling two children is intense as when one is finally asleep the other will wake up full of energy.

Rhett revealed that his wife has been handling motherhood extremely well and that he is very proud of her. He stated that other than being a little bit sleep deprived that she is doing amazing. Rhett claimed that he is very excited to watch his children grow up and that he is excited to learn more about parenting as the years go by.

The father of two stated that he is thoroughly enjoying the journey so far, and is looking forward to the many challenges down the road. It is clear that Rhett loves his family very much and enjoys looking after his two daughters.

The singer has introduced his daughters to country music

According to People Magazine, Thomas Rhett introduced both of his daughters to Country Music early on in their lives.

He revealed that he and his wife would play country music through headphones when Lauren was pregnant so that their kids could get a flavor of the music.

Rhett was asked about whether or not he would want his children to follow in his footsteps and revealed that he was on the fence about his daughters becoming performers. Rhett admitted that he would support his children in whatever they wished to pursue in life but also shared that he knows how difficult it is to follow the career path.

He claimed that he would probably try to persuade his daughter's not to follow in his footsteps and revealed that his own father tried to talk him out of becoming a country singer. Rhett revealed that it is a very difficult career with many setbacks and stated that it takes a lot of time to become noticed in the music industry.

Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren are simply taking things as they come and are doing the best they can to be good parents to their children.