Country singer, Thomas Rhett, is one happy fella. He and his wife, Lauren, just became parents to a beautiful baby girl, Willa Gray Akins, that they had recently adopted from Uganda. They have been waiting for over a year to be able to bring her home and that has finally happened. However, it won't be long before they will be adding another child to their growing brood. Lauren is pregnant with another girl and is due in August.

The wait is over

Thomas and Lauren finally welcomed Willa home last Thursday and they couldn't be more thrilled. It has been a year since they started the adoption process, but now they can relax and just be a family of three.

Willa is adorable and she seems to be enjoying her new life in Nashville. According to People, Willa became an orphan shortly after she was born. Lauren and her country crooner husband are ecstatic to have her join their family.

Lauren met the 18-month-old while she was visiting Uganda as part of the 147 million orphans group last year. She instantly captured Lauren's heart. Thomas said that his wife glowed when she was with the baby and he knew adoption would soon follow. Once the adoption process began, the couple had to take quite a few trips to Uganda over the past year to make sure everything was in place.

A family of four very soon

Lauren became pregnant after they started the adoption process.

However, that didn't stop them at all. They had been trying to conceive, and once they found out the good news that they were expecting their first child, another daughter, Lauren and Thomas Rhett were thrilled. They will have two girls to love once this new bundle of joy arrives this summer.

First Mother's Day message

It is no secret just how much the "Die a Happy Man" singer adores his wife as he gushes over her in many social media posts.

His Mother's Day message was no exception. This was her first year as a new mom and her husband posted a sweet photo of her and Willa in their backyard looking over the flower bed. Their new daughter looks so amazed by everything, and Rhett took that moment to capture their mother-daughter bond and shared it with the world.

In addition to enjoying their new daughter, Thomas and Lauren will be preparing to welcome another new baby to their family. They will soon have a newborn to love and care for. The couple announced both their pregnancy and their plans to adopt a child from Uganda back in February. They have been excited for both of these new little ones that had already captured their hearts.