Usher has finally spoken out about the ongoing lawsuit against him filed by an unidentified woman. The woman in question claims that she contracted a sexually transmitted disease from the singer. Usher has claimed that this is not the case and is now taking steps to prove his innocence. The singer has not confirmed whether he and the woman were together and fans are wondering if there is truth behind her accusations.

A woman in Georgia has claimed that she contracted the disease from Usher

According to Rolling Out, an unnamed woman in Georgia has claimed that she contracted herpes from Usher and is now seeking legal compensation for the disease.

The woman stated that Usher did not disclose the fact that he had the disease to her before they had sexual intercourse and claimed that this is a violation of her rights.

The woman was not previously tested for the disease before the court case began and one has to wonder if she is trying to get money from the celebrity. This unnamed individual is not the only person to come forward with claims that she contracted the disease from Usher.

The singer has asked for the lawsuit to be thrown out

According to Eyewitness News, singer Usher has asked for the lawsuit against him to be thrown out, as the individuals who are seeking compensation have no viable proof that he gave them Herpes. An unnamed woman is asking for $20 Million from Usher who claims that she contracted the disease from him.

Usher has responded to these claims and has stated that the woman has no proof that he was the person who infected her. In a report by TMZ, the singer stated that it could have been any other of the woman's sexual partners who were carrying the disease who infected her.

Usher has submitted legal documents stating why the case should be thrown out and claims that the woman was not tested for the disease before they had their sexual encounter.

Usher claimed that the unidentified woman should be taking responsibility for her actions, which led to her contracting the disease. He stated that it was her choice to have unprotected sexual intercourse and it is her responsibility to do everything in her power to protect herself.

The woman in question is going by the name of Jane Doe and Usher's lawyers have stated that there is no reason as to why she should remain anonymous.

The woman initially asked for an amount of $10 million before she tested positive for Herpes. She then upped her claim to $20 million and Usher's lawyers are claiming that this proves she has come after the client for his money.

Usher has appealed for the court to throw out the lawsuit and fans are waiting to see what happens next.