It has been just two weeks since Luann de Lesseps filed for divorce from Thomas D'Agostino in Sag Harbor, New York. At that time, Luann didn't reveal what had caused her to file for divorce from Thomas, even though many suspected that he was cheating on her. At the time, Luann had been gushing about how great her marriage to Thomas was and how these two were perfect for one another.

Many fans didn't believe her, as they struggled to make it work in the public eye. When Luann and Thomas filed for divorce they issued a simple statement, saying that they would be ending their marriage.

Within hours, Luann was spotted on the plane heading to Switzerland to spend some quality time by herself.

Thomas already moving on

According to a new tweet, Thomas D'Agostino is also doing everything he can to move on with his life. A fan of "The Real Housewives of New York" spotted Thomas at a local restaurant hanging out with missy, the woman he was supposedly cheating with. Missy was also someone that Thomas was dating when he decided to hook up with Luann a few years ago.

It sounds like D'Agostino may have been balancing several women at once when he proposed to Luann.

While luann de lesseps was in denial about Thomas having other partners, her "Real Housewives of New York" co-stars believed that he was cheating on her the entire time and that she was blinded by love or refused to accept the truth.

Ex-husband already hurting her

One can imagine that Luann de Lesseps won't be excited to see Thomas hanging out with Missy in New York City, where everyone can see how quickly he is moving on.

It is possible that he is excited about being done with the spotlight, as many of his friends said that he was not happy about being on the reality show. He was supposedly not excited about filming the show for the world to see, as he could no longer keep the ladies he was dating secret from one another.

Despite his bachelor ways being revealed on the show, Missy still wants to hang out with him.

It sounds like she's excited about their relationship going forward even though he is now a divorced man. Maybe she had hoped she would be the one who would marry him.

As for Luann, it sounds like she enjoys life these days, and she's trying to move on from her divorce. While she really wanted the marriage to work, one can imagine that she does not want to be with a cheater, who has little respect for her.

One can imagine that Luann will open up about the failed marriage and perhaps even Thomas' decision to meet up with his second mistress, Missy, on the upcoming season of "The Real Housewives of New York." Andy Cohen may ask de Lesseps about marrying Tom for the sake of ratings and the storyline, which is a theory that has been brought up before by fans of the show.

What do you think about Thomas D'Agostino being spotted with Missy in public just weeks after filing for divorce? Do you think he's moving on way too fast?