bethenny frankel struggled this past year when it came to her friendship with Ramona Singer. Throughout the many years of filming "The Real Housewives of New York" together, Bethenny always kept Ramona at a distance, as she didn't understand some of the things she was saying. For Singer, she was just trying to be funny about their friendship. As for Bethenny, she didn't understand why Ramona would say hurtful things and cross the line, even though it was meant as a joke. On "The Real Housewives of New York," the two had a heartfelt conversation about their troubled friendship.

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel is now mocking Ramona for something that happened at the reunion. Many viewers didn't realize it while the show was airing, but Ramona forgot to take the price tag off her shoes during the "Real Housewives of New York" reunion filming. A fan pointed it out to Frankel, who couldn't help but mock her friend.

Fun investigation

On Twitter, Bethenny Frankel revealed that she would be launching an investigation into the situation. Since Ramona has been accused of stealing clothes and wearing something before she returns them to the store, Bethenny wanted to see if this was the case here. Of course, some people also hinted that perhaps the shoes were from Target, but Bethenny came to her co-star's defense, saying that there were good deals to be made there.

Of course, it is awesome that these two can joke around. While Ramona didn't respond to Bethenny Frankel's comments about the shoes, it sounds like these two are finally in a good place.

If Frankel hadn't talked to Ramona in months, one can imagine she wouldn't waste a breath on her co-star.

Troubled friendship

Bethenny Frankel has revealed that she was shocked and angered when Ramona brought up Bryn in a discussion about Bethenny's adult movie that she did when she was young. Frankel has never denied that she did the movie, but she was upset when Ramona decided to talk about it in relation to her daughter, who was completely innocent.

At the time, Frankel felt that she was bringing up her daughter to create drama for the sake of ratings. But this was just the tip of the iceberg, as Ramona had been rude to Bethenny before. Even though this friendship is troubled, one can imagine that they will work it out now that she can joke about her wearing a price tag.

What do you think of Bethenny Frankel joking about Ramona being caught with a price sticker under her shoe? Are you surprised that she's