luann de lesseps is happy, and she wants everybody to know it. She met Tommy D'Agostino last season when she was filming “The Real Housewives of New York.” The two got married in real life on New Year’s Eve 2016. These days on the show, fans are seeing what she had to go through just weeks before her wedding.

During a trip to the Berkshires with her co-stars, Luann focused on the final wedding planning, including her dress. But her co-stars were focusing on his supposed Cheating and how she could trust a man who wasn't staying faithful to her.

Luann has acknowledged that her husband is a cheater

While Luann has admitted that Thomas did cheat on her during their relationship, they have now worked through their issues, and she doesn't want to bring up the past to make him feel bad. Instead, she wants her co-stars to back off when it comes to the cheating.

Her co-stars are convinced that he is still cheating on her, but Luann is now focusing on calling out her own costars for what they have going on in their life. And as it turns out ,her co-stars have plenty of issues that she thinks they should focus on.

In her blog for “The Real Housewives of New York,” de Lesseps writes that newcomer Tinsley shouldn't even get involved with her business because she doesn't even have a place to stay New York.

Luann also points out that Ramona and Bethenny have a lot of issues going on, and they should be focusing on resolving their friendship rather than on talking about her relationship.

Was Dorinda Medley bullied by her 'RHONY' co-stars?

Luann does have some sweet words for Dorinda Medley. Of course, Dorinda is the one who set up Luann and Thomas, to begin with, and she really wants them to have a loving relationship and get married.

Dorinda is convinced that they have found each other’s soul mates and, Luann points out that she feels that the ladies bullied Dorinda into believing that Tom was cheating on her.

It is very interesting that Tom himself hasn't said anything to the “Real Housewives of New York” stars or made an effort to explain what really happened.

Maybe it is the lack of commentary from him that's causing these ladies to question his devotion to Luann. However she is happy, and even if he is cheating, it sounds like she would prefer to live happily in denial rather than face the truth.

Are you surprised that Luann is now reflecting her issues onto her co-stars? Do you think her co-stars should really focus on their own issues rather than defend their decision to get involved with her relationship, even though they're genuinely concerned for her?