Even though it lacked logistical sense, "Game of Thrones" Season 7 Episode 6 gave us a spectacle we've all been waiting for ever since this season started. However, the real power of the episode lies in a vast number of foreshadowing moments and hidden clues. The devil is in the details, and at this point of the series, every detail is equally important. So in this article, we're going to address some of those details and try to explain what they could mean.

The children?

There were a couple of instances throughout this episode in which the topic of children was brought up.

First, Jorah Mormont wished for Longclaw to serve Jon Snow well and his children after him. Then, there was the issue of succession Tyrion brought up in conversation with Daenerys and her repeatedly saying that she is barren and that the dragons are the only children she is ever going to have. Could this mean that Jon and Dany will have children together? After all, they are in the same boat, and one can't deny the sexual chemistry between these two.

Jon's real father?

The whole season has been one huge teaser for Jon's secret parentage, and this episode was no different. We are, of course, talking about the scene in which Beric said that Jon looks nothing like Ned. And given the fact that the season finale is titled "The Dragon and the Wolf," we can't think of a better time for Rhaegar and Lyanna flashback, with the only question being whether Jon will find out about his parentage or not.


Since the Hound is in charge of bringing a captured wight down to King's Landing, it's safe to say that he will see his brother, the Mountain, again, at least some form of him. His ever growing hatred toward his brother has been brought up on more than one occasion throughout the series, and there's no doubt that he will face him sometime in the future.

Perhaps the Hound's revenge is somehow tied with him finally overcoming his fear of fire while protecting someone from the Mountain.

Arya will kill the Night King's dragon?

While we already covered Arya's strange behavior in one of our previous articles, now it's time about the significance of that story Arya was telling Sansa.

She talked about her archery skills and that along with her archery practice in season three when she was with the Brotherhood Without Banners, points out to the important role these skills might have in the future. In the same scene in season three, Gendry was talking about making arrowheads. Perhaps that means he could make some dragonglass or Valyrian steel arrowheads so Arya could shoot the Night King's dragon with them.