On Tyler Perry's 'The haves and have nots", Candace Young is a trouble maker who leaves a trail of destruction everywhere she goes. Her frenemy Erica, and Warrick will be the latest to get caught in her snare because the Malone's are involved.

The evolving truths about Candance

Candace has worked as an escort and made money by blackmailing men. Erica initially was seen as her partner in crime, as they had several discussions about men they had marked. Currently, Ms. Young has convinced her associate to work on David Harrington, but it looks like she may be falling for him.

Also a few weeks ago, it was revealed that the two women really are frenemies, because Erica teamed up with War, to help him get revenge on his "Candy Cane."

Last week Candace began to sense something was off because Erica was asking a lot of questions, and when she suggested Ms. Young let Benny take the fall for killing Quincy, Candace slapped her hard across the face. Erica fell across the bed and there was a bruise on her jaw. With a menacing look, Candace told her to remember that she had been the "bottom bitch."(lead prostitute). And reminds her that she did not bring in top dollar.

Erica in fear and in rage

In that moment Erica had a look of fear on her face, and there was the feeling that she and Candace had been in this situation before.

The implied message was perhaps she did not bring in enough money for "Candy Cane," and has been hit or beaten in the past. Initially, these two women seemed like cohorts on equal footing, but now facts are beginning to emerge to suggest something different.

On Tuesday night Candace treated Erica were like a predator with its prey.

She demanded to look at her cell phone and was asking a lot of questions. And she said that the dress she had borrowed smelled just like Warrick. Erica began defending her self-insisting that she had no dealings with War, but viewers know he was hiding in her closet a few episodes back.

Candace softens her tone and tells her frenemy that they are going to eat.

Unknown to Erica the restaurant is owned by the Malone family. Mama Malone wants Warrick dead because he shot at her grandson Mitch. Candace wants revenge on War because he murdered her son. Mitch had told Candace that if she can get him the restaurant his people will take care of him.

After they arrive at the restaurant, Erica excuses herself to go to the ladies room and Candace tells Mitch that she is really going to call War. Sure enough, Warrick comes in and sits at the table. The Malones begin shooting and it looks like War is dead. Be sure to watch "The Haves and Have Nots" next Tuesday night at 10:00 p.m. on "OWN".