The Hills’ were one of the biggest reality TV shows of the 00's. Season one saw over two million viewers for each weekly episode, to catch up with the going’s on of Laguna Beach alumni Lauren 'LC' Conrad. The show began in 2006 following the journey of LC beginning her new life in LA with best friend Heidi Montag. ‘The Hills’ went to document the lives of several young girls trying to develop their careers whilst managing a busy social life.

The show ran for six seasons before coming to a dramatic end in 2010. Lauren left in season five after she felt she had run its course.

After her departure fans felt the show became more scripted and false after the return of 'villain' Kristin Cavallari. Kristen was Lauren's nemesis in Laguna Beach after their constant fighting over heartthrob Stephen Colletti.

Reunion Special

August 2016 saw a brief announcement of a reunion special titled 'The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now.' It saw the return of Lauren discussing her time on the show, and what she was up to now. The show gave a glimpse of behind the scenes gossip along with interviews of past Cast Members. The cast discussed the truth behind rumors regarding scripted scenes.

The show has been over for more than 14 Years, in the meantime, we've seen spin-offs, however how far and successful have the famous cast members come since?

The here and now

Lauren 'LC' Conrad: Lauren went onto become a successful businesswoman. Running her own empire clothing line Kohl, young adult fiction books, and home wear line. She recently became a mother to baby boy Liam and married her husband guitarist William Tell in 2014.

Heidi and Spencer Pratt: Two of the most controversial of the show, the pair married in a dramatic live ceremony on camera in season five.

They then went on to be portrayed as slightly crazy, indulging in crystals and survey. Heidi went on to have 10 cosmetic surgery procedures in one day. The couple has recently announced they are expecting a baby in October.

Audrina Partridge: always remained apart from all seasons, playing out the storyline of her and on/off boyfriend Justin Bobby.

Since the disastrous relationship, she's found happiness with Cory, and welcomed baby girl Kirra Max on June 24, 2016.

Whitney Port: Working alongside Lauren throughout their internship at Teen Vogue, Whitney went on to secure her own spin off show 'The City'. Following her new job in New York with label Diane Von Furstenberg.