On Wednesday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" the Newman sisters bond because of a series of unfortunate events. Victoria breaks down in Abby's arms when the pressure from all the stress she is dealing with becomes too much for her to handle.

Billy is high on success and oblivious to his former wife's pain

Billy is excited that they found out the truth about Cane and is excited that he and Victoria handled the problem together. He is looking at his ex-wife's strengths and oblivious to the pain she is dealing with. Victoria is able to keep it together in front of Billy but later loses it when she is in the presence of her younger sibling.

Abby pushes her big sister to share what is going on and eventually she does. Victoria begins crying as she tells Abby about how Cane ruined her life.

Vicky falls apart as she says that she is always the one who fixes things. The two women hug each other and Abby lets her sister know that she will be there for her. Billy goes home and talks non-stop to Phyllis about the day's events, while Victoria is about to have a mental breakdown in the arms of her younger half-sister.

Victoria needs medical help

On Thursday Abby shares her concerns about her sibling with their father. Victor tries to offer assistance to his oldest daughter, but Victoria says she is okay. Later the sisters meet and Abby again expresses to her sibling that she is worried about her.

They once again embrace, but Vicky has a troubling look on her face. The stress and strain from current events take a toll. Vicky is bending under the pressure, which is why she broke down in Abby's arms in the first place.

Spoiler alerts indicate that things are going to get worse for Victor Newman's daughter, with her health and her personal life.

Victoria is going to wake up in bed beside a man and it will not be Billy. This is because Phyllis is trying to separate Villy and is pushing Ben to date Billy's ex-wife. Vicky, however, may not be capable of making rational decisions right now because of an incident that took place after Nikki's concert.

At the conclusion of the MS benefit, Victor's daughter's were arguing and Abby threw a drink in Victoria's face.

Vicky lost her footing, fell and hit her head. Since then she has dealt with dizziness, fainting, hearing muffled sounds, and headaches. Something is going on with Victoria Newman, so stay tuned for more spoiler alerts to find out what is going to take place.