Time was winding down for Victoria Newman on "The Young and the Restless." She needed a bridge loan, in order to keep "Brash and Sassy" afloat. She thought she had found a savior in Ben Hochman, but on Thursday she found out he was simply a devil in disguise.

The clock is ticking for Victoria and "Brash and Sassy"

On Wednesday, Victoria decided to do business with Ben and met him for dinner. Before she could sign the contract, however, Billy and Victor showed up at the restaurant. They told Victoria that Ben was up to no good, and Victor offered to give her the loan himself.

She refused her father's help but did tell Hochman that she wanted to think about it over night. On Thursday a visit from Jack sealed the deal for Victoria but Billy was skeptical. She knew the clock was ticking for "Brash and Sassy" and that she must move quickly.

Jack came to the "Brash and Sassy" office and told Vicky and Billy their first-year lease was up, and if they desired to stay in the building the rent was now 20% higher. After Jack left, Victoria told Billy that she had no choice but to sign the contract and accept Ben's assistance, so she left to go to his hotel room. When she told Hochman that she would accept his offer, Ben was ecstatic. When he went to get the contract, Vicky looked down and saw a piece of paper on a table with Cane Ashby's name and Phone Number on it.

Victoria realizes Ben is a snake

When she asks Ben about it, he claims he met Cane the hotel lobby and that the name and phone number don't mean anything. Victoria tells him that Cane Ashby was fired for cause and is eager to give away 'Brash and Sassy" secrets. And she accuses Ben of trying to sabotage her company. She tells him that she was warned that he was crooked and now knows it to be true.

Vicky tears up the contract and walks out.

Ben follow's her and as they argue Hillary is standing in the shadows recording with her phone. She hears Vicky accuse Ben of trying to hurt her company, and add that she should never have slept with him. Vicky has no idea that her conversation will be on the next day's episode of "The Hillary Hour." All of Genoa City will know about her lapse of judgment and Victoria will be humiliated.

At least she tore up that contract, so Ben may eventually leave town. Jack will never stop trying to obtain "Brash and Sass," nor will Cane give up getting revenge. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS, 12:30 EST. Keep watching for spoiler alerts if you want to know in advance what your favorite character will be up to.