"Big Brother 19" houseguests evicted Cody Nickson on Thursday, August 17, making him the first member of the jury. Alex Ow, Week 7's HOH, could have saved Cody but chose to send Cody out of the house instead of Elena Davies.

It was a move that confused some of the "Big Brother" live feed watchers, as Cody would never come after her. His target would have been Paul Abrahamian, someone that no one seems to want out of the game.

Past winners tweet support to Jessica Graf

Rachel Reilly, the winner of "Big Brother 13," tweeted to Jessica her support for Cody just after his eviction.

She said that Jody won over America's heart and would be a "forever alliance." She added that it's the cutest showmance since #Bretchel (Rachel Reilly and Branden Villegas showmance).

Rachel has expressed her support for Cody and Jessica since the beginning of the Season 19. She felt they were bullied and targeted for no other reason, but not aligning with Paul.

Dan Gheesling, the winner of "Big Brother 10," voiced his support for Cody after his eviction, as well. Dan said that the "BB19" fans could say whatever you want about Cody, but he played a pretty honest game and was authentic to himself. Dan went on to say that Nickson was about as real as a person that you'll ever see on reality television.

The marriage proposal

"Big Brother" host, Julie Chen asked Cody if he planned to marry Jessica when he gets out of the jury house next month. He didn't hesitate at all and said: "Of course." A split second later, the Marine vet realized that he might have answered too quickly.

The "Big Brother 19" fans loved his response. No matter how you felt about Cody inside the game, his affection and love for Jessica was refreshing to watch.

Jessica and Cody cannot see each other for another month. It will probably seem like years waiting for finale night. Jessica posted to her Twitter account that she feels great knowing that the whole world saw how much Cody adores her.

She added that she would be counting down the hours and minutes until she can see him on finale night.

Will Jody make it?

There has been some speculation that Jessica and Cody may not make it outside the house. They seemed to love each other, but is it possible that it will fizzle outside of the "Big Brother" game? Jessica claimed that would not happen. She explained they spent so much time together that it was like they had been dating for over a year.

"Big Brother 19" fans, do you think Jessica and Cody will get married? Are you shocked that Dan and Rachel support Jody?