Earlier in the week, on "The Young and the Restless," Victoria Newman had a one night stand with Ben Hochman. They are about to go out on a second date, and she is excited to have a man notice her again. Vicky talks about her plans with her mother and later gets a new outfit from Chelsea. At the same time, Jack is convincing Ben to obtain insider information so he can take control of "Brash and Sassy."

Ashley warns Vicky that Ben is no good

Victoria meets Ben at "The Underground" where they run into Ashley and Abby with Ravi and Zack. Abby is troubled by the many changes in her sibling's behavior.

She tells her mother that Victoria has been extremely emotional lately, going from crying in her arms to being cold and unfeeling, and now the life of the party, dancing and having fun. A few moments later Ashley follows Vicky to the restroom where she warns her that Ben Hochman is a jerk.

Vicky gives her former sister in law a very sarcastic answer and goes back to the dance floor. She is considering Ben to take her mind off Billy and has no clue that he agreed to help Jack gain information so he can complete a hostile take over of her company. Victoria is also still dealing with muffled sounds and erratic behavior. Ben even asked her if she had been drinking before he picked her up. She replies that she is only drinking water, and can have fun without alcohol.

Victoria is headed for disaster

Ben is a little taken aback because he was not expecting Victoria Newman to be so aggressive. He is going with the flow and loving it, giving no hint that he is in partnership with Jack Abbot. Vicky believes she may have found a new man to take her mind off of her ex-husband, but Ben is proving to be the cad, that everyone says he is.

Ms. Newman's judgment is impaired, and she is missing all the signals that something is not right with this man.

By the time her illness is diagnosed and dealt with, Victoria may find that she has lost everything.The impulsive behavior she is displaying may cause has nothing she can do about it. Victoria hit her head when she fell after Abby threw a drink in her face.

She went to the doctor who gave her a clean bill of health. Her behavior, however, has been vastly different from the conservative Ms. Newman fans, and residents of Genoa City have come to know.

Ben and Jack are going to take advantage of her without knowing why her behavior is so questionable. Vicky now becomes foot loose and fancy-free, or angry in a moments notice, and snaps at anyone who tries to talk to her about it. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekdays on CBS to find out what happens next.