We still have plenty of time left until the premiere of "Once Upon a Time" on ABC on October 6th; however the fandom cannot seem to have patience about finding out all the scoop on what to expect on the upcoming season. So far we do know that season seven will not continue in the same direction as the previous seasons, due to the ending of most of the already existing storylines. So with the decision to reboot the entire show, the fans should expect a lot of changes in the plots and the characters themselves.

A new season, a new show

Emma Swan, Snow White, Prince Charming and a lot of other series regulars that we loved in the series will not be in season 7, thus causing the whole show to change.

However, we were told that Regina Mills, Captain Hook, and Rumple would still have a vital role in the series, and would still be series regulars. In order to switch things up, the executive producers and show runners Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis decided to give the main characters a new profession, and somewhat "update" their previous lifestyle. Although we were surprised to find out that Captain Hook will be wearing a cop uniform, and they will not be living in Storybrooke anymore, it is Lana Parrilla's new alter ego that left the biggest impression.

Who is Roni?

Lana Parrilla will not be playing Regina Mills anymore, but instead will be portraying another character called Roni. Roni is not into politics at all, does not wear suits, and works as a bartender.

This character is drastically different from the Regina Mills we are used to seeing on screen, and her lifestyle will be drastically more different as well. She will have a different uptake on life and her personality is something we will find rather odd in comparison to the Queen Regina. Furthermore, her appearance will be altered as well.

She will be wearing jeans, T-shirts, and will have a messier hairstyle (not as perfect as Regina's). Despite these exciting changes, according to Lana Parrilla, Roni will be hopeless, sad, and a bit empty on the inside. In some way, she has lost her life's purpose. However, when Henry comes to the town, things will shake up a bit.

This change will not happen immediately as there will be another particular character that will inspire change in her. Not to mention, that she will have to rescue Henry and fight another evil, Lady Tremaine, Cinderella's stepmother.

We still do not have a clear picture of who Roni really is, and if we will ever see Regina Mills again, but the fans will just have to wait for the upcoming season 7 of "Once Upon a Time".