"Teen Mom OG" star Farrah Abraham is refusing to attend her mother Debra Danielsen's wedding. The reality star continues to feud with her mom over her marriage to Dr. David Merz. Farrah has no love for her mom's current husband to be, and she has no problem letting everyone know just how serious she feels about it.

Farrah Abraham not changing her mind about mom's wedding

According to In Touch Farrah claims she wishes Debra the best, but is sad that her mom has brought someone into her life to make a family with that Farrah believes has no clue how to "do that properly."

Not only is Farrah Abraham refusing to go to her mom's wedding she is also not allowing her eight-year-old daughter Sophia to attend either, Point blankly, but Farrah has also laid down the law, (her law) revealing if she is not going, no way is Sophia going to be there.

Farrah keeping Sophia from mom?

It is a touchy situation for all involved. Debra met her future hubby on an online dating site back in 2016, and the couple are set to wed on November 5th at the Suzanne and Walter Scott Aquarium in Omaha. Farrah's stand against her mother's wedding really comes as no surprise to "Teen Mom" fans who have been watching the mother/daughter's turbulent relationship unfold over the past several years.

The tension really began to build in July after Farrah's mom let loose with some pretty harsh comments about her daughter's life stating that Farrah had been lying about being physically abused by her parents as a child.

“She’s never been abused as a child,” Debra said according to ITW “Even if she was abused, look at all the millions of people out there who suffered, they don’t blame the world for it.

They have to grow up. It’s time to grow up and get over it!”

Who knows if these two will ever really be able to move past their issues with each other. At this time it certainly appears as if it will take years of therapy and healing and even then, who knows? For now, Sophia is caught in the middle of her mom and grandma's bitter feud, one day down hopefully she will not be forced to choose up sides between her mom and grandma.

In other Farrah entertainment news, it appears her first non-adult film will finally be getting it's released date. “Axeman 2: Overkill" which remains unrated at this time will be released on VOD and DVD on October 17th.

The slasher sequel is skipping the big screen and heading straight to video. Starcasm reports the production company released a press statement revealing that there will also be an "Axeman2: Overkill" film screening which will take place next week in Santa Monica on August 20th.