On Wednesday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," the Newman family is coming to terms with the fallout from decisions they each have made. Lily finds Juliet in Cane's arms while Jordan believes he may have a future with her. His first step is to dump a stunned Hilary.

Victor, Nikki, and Nick are dealing with their decisions

The Newman family is realizing yet again, that there are consequences to the decisions they make. On Wednesday, Nick, Victor, and Nikki each realized that Faith will be hurt by their recent actions. Nick's daughter will be returning from summer camp to find her family in disarray.

Nikki has moved out of the mansion, and Victor forced Nick out of the tack house. Faith will return to both her grandmother and her father residing in different homes.

Nikki has her own place, while her son has moved in with Chelsea. Nikki tells Nick that she believes it best if Faith has some stability when she returns from camp, adding that the best way for that to happen would be for the child to stay at the ranch with her grandfather. Nicholas does not want to hear it and says he will limit the time his daughter spends with Victor.

Earlier, in the day, the Newman patriarch and his estranged wife had strong words with each other regarding their disintegrating family. At this time, unknown to Nikki, her wayward spouse made a decision.

As she and Nicholas are discussing Victor, the Moustache is on the phone with the summer camp officials. He is alerting them that he himself will be coming to pick Faith up from camp and bring her home. He obviously is going to take her back to the ranch, which will no doubt cause Nick to be livid.

Cane, Lily, Jordan, Hilary, and Juliet are all unsettled

Jordan and Lily discuss their kiss on the previous day and make plans to travel, as the "Brash and Sassy" Dare campaign is back on. Later Jordan pays a visit to Hilary who has stripped down to her underwear in anticipation of a romantic encounter. He tells her it is time for them to move on because their relationship is not working.

Ms. Curtis accuses him of wanting a shot with Lily now that she and Cane are separated. Jordan points out that Ashbys are still married, but Hilary is not easily fooled.

Meanwhile Lily walks in on Cane and Juliet embracing. After Ms. Helton walks away, Cane explains he was consoling her because tests results indicate their baby may be at risk for an illness. He and Lily have a decent conversation and she leaves. Cane then spots Hilary who warns him that Jordan and his wife are getting closer because she has seen it herself. Each of these individuals are unsettled because they are longing for relationships that may never work out.

Cane wants to be reunited with his family, while Lily longs for the life she had before Juliet announced her pregnancy.

Ms. Helton's wants to make sure she can count on Cane to be a part of their baby's life. If she is falling for him, this has not yet been made clear. Jordan has had his sights on Lily ever since he came to Genoa City, but he is not sure if he has a chance with her, even now, Hilary is torn between using Jordan to get at Lily and also make Devon jealous, as her feelings for her ex-are unresolved. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" to find out how it all goes down.