On Tuesday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Villy came out on top of several situations. "Brash and Sassy" was saved by a bridge loan from Neil, and Billy enjoyed letting Jack know about it. Victoria stood her ground with Hilary and also put Cane in his place.

The power of Villy against the world

Hillary aired the footage with Victoria and Ben discussing their night together as well as Vicky needing his help for "Brash and Sassy." Because Victor gave her the ok to air his fight with Nick, Hilary assumed it was ok to put Victoria's dirty laundry out for all to see.

She seemed shocked that Vicky was so upset, and did not understand the magnitude of her choices.

Victoria lashed out at Hilary ending her rant by saying that Ms. Curtis did not want her or an enemy. Billy paid a visit to "Jabot, " and his brother gloated about the financial issues of "Brash and Sassy." when Billy said he had the rent, Jack commented that he did not take partial payments. When his younger sibling told him he was paying three months rent including the increase in price, the smirk was quickly removed from Jack's face.

For now, Villy is on top. Victoria has the funds to keep her company running and also keep Jack at bay. Ben is out of the picture, and later she let Cane know that his plan to take her down led to her keeping things going.

Billy has the upper hand over Jack, but he knows it is only temporary. He told Phyllis that he had an ace up his sleeve because he knew Jack was not going to give up.

The future of Villy

Billy told Phylis that he loved her and appreciated her standing by him, but this may not last, Once he finds out the depth of her betrayal things will be different.

Finding out she initially was helping Jack sabotage "Brash and Sassy" will knock Billy for a loop. On the other side of town, Vicky is dealing with conflicting emotions.

She has stood her ground with Hilary and let Cane know his meddling did not work. Ms. Newman does not, however, have her health in check. Another visit to the doctor reveals nothing new, and again Victoria is told to lessen the stress in her life.

Should Victoria find out there is a health crisis, she will believe she can have it alone as she did the "Brash and Sassy" issue.

Billy, however, will decide to be by her side, even more so when he finds out that Phillis had a hand in pushing Ben on his ex-wife. This has been a long hot summer with many twists and turns on "The Young and the Restless." Villy fans are hoping things will cool down in the fall and their favorite couple will be reunited.