Yes! Silicon Valley actor, Avi Nash is indeed joining the cast of the zombie killing the show, thus portraying a character that may be present in the comics and will come to life for “The Walking Dead” Season 8.

It has been quite a ride for the show since they recently just celebrated the shoot of their 100th episode which will be the opening for The Walking Dead Season 8. For eight years now, the show has killed, survived and introduced characters that made an impression on the viewers. Remember Glenn? That is one difficult character to say goodbye from, but the news does not end there.

‘Sillicon Valley’ celebrity, Avi Nash joins ‘The Walking Dead.’

We have watched the series bringing familiar faces to join Rick’s team or maybe as a person that walks on those apocalyptic roads. This time around, it would be Avi Nash who walks out of the comedy series to join AMC’s flesh eating zombies.

Although his role remains a secret, fans who followed the comics have already got their own set of theories. And so far, this one seems to be just right. After the season 7’s finale showed us a war between Negan and Rick, a time jump seems fit for the beginning of Season 8. In the comic book (issue #17; 2014) a character named Siddiq was present, it is likely that he appears on the show too.

What makes Siddiq interesting would be his suggested relationship with Rosita Espinosa which might have resulted in a child.

Some changes might be applied to his early life though, to fit it with the TV show’s time line and content.

Glenn lives on as an action figure

Let us take a moment to remember Glenn Rhee because even though he has been long gone since Maggie mourned over his flesh, McFarlane Toys have no intention of keeping Glenn dead forever.

Despite the fact that he already died in the series, fans still love Glenn, which is why fans were glad that he was made into a toy. The manufacturers that made action figures of the show’s characters have already released a Negan and Glenn Deluxe Box!

But Glenn’s fans might not fancy it that much because it closely depicts the scene where it does not take long before Lucille kisses Glenn’s head.

It is making us remember that gory scene. So if you are one tough fan, you can order it on their site for $29.99.

The Walking Dead Season 8 will be a challenging season for the show’s show runners since their rating was not as promising as it was. Which makes it possible for better story lines to lift those numbers up and drag fans interest again. The show will come back on October 22.