In the upcoming episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful" Sheila’s patience and thinking will be tested once again. What is going to happen next when the Spectra team seems to be falling apart due to Bill’s adamant ego and plans? Careful, spoilers up ahead.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" after completing so many seasons, continues to serve more dramas on our televisions. Surely, it will revolve around families this time around, and the characters might need to get a grip on their loved ones to get over their dilemmas. But maybe not for Shiela.

Shiela remains as a fierce lady as she faces emotional stressors in ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’

We have known Shiela as a fierce woman ready to claw anyone who stands in her way in "The Bold and The Beautiful" TV series. But Eric cannot stay with her any longer because if your partner despises everyone you know and emotionally wrecks them bit by bit, this just makes Eric a little sane for his decision.

Except this is Shiela and whatever decision they make together, if it is bad, negative repercussions will follow. And it is not just Eric who should constantly watch his back, Quinn must too, even though she could be smiling from ear to ear after the possibility of a better marriage between Eric and her.

Sally faces more drama in the next episode

On the other hand, the cast and viewers of the show are now quite familiar with Courtney Hope’s Sally. And drama for her is just building up. For now, her support is still strong towards Spectra Couture. But if Bill’s ego continues to control his actions, we might see the Spectras collide against each other, or anybody, if he stops one showcase that they crave for.

Let us just hope Justin does a good job when it comes to waking up Bill from his delusions and suspecting behavior.

But if there is drama stirring, there must be something positive to balance things out. And a relationship between Wyatt and Katie may just spark a love story that will be favorable for the viewers. It started innocently that took them long to flirt further and made both of them smile.

Still, as courageous as they are, if they do pursue a relationship, people will always talk behind their backs and even try to separate them since, oh yeah, she was once her stepmom. But technically, they are not related, so maybe that is a good thing?

How will this all end for our favorite characters? Catch the newest episode of The Bold and the Beautiful for some answers.