“Game of Thrones” Season 7 is already at its halfway point with 3 more remaining episodes. So far, Season 7 is well received by the show’s audience, the season’s ratings are outstanding. The premiere episode “Dragonstone” broke the record with 10.1 million live viewers.

The latest episode “The Spoils of War” garnered 10.167 million live viewers, marking a new record again. The amount is impressive despite the episode being leaked prior to its air date. The episode received great attention due to the appearance of Drogon, the homecoming of Arya and the cliff hanger ending with Jaime.

“The Spoils Of War” also became one of the highest rated episodes in “Game of Thrones” in the Internet Movie Database with a 9.9 out of 10 rating. There are four other episodes that received the same rating on IMDB.

Rains of Castamere

The episode that fully cemented the fact that in “Game of Thrones” no one is safe, the other episode is when Ned Stark was beheaded. In “The Rains of Castamere” (S03E09), the iconic Red Wedding happened. The Lannisters, with the help of the Freys and the Boltons, betrayed the Starks resulting in a massacre. Robb, Catelyn, Talisa and her unborn child were all killed, an event that truly shocked the viewers.


The episode showcased how scary and menacing the White Walkers were.

The threat that they bring changed in the Battle at Hardhome when the Night King with his army of the Undead attacked the Wildlings and the Night’s Watch. The battle was a slaughter and the Night King transformed the dead Wildlings into White Walkers, to add to his army. The entire fighting sequence and Jon’s fight with one of the White Walkers were amazing.

Battle of the Bastards

The episode opened with an attack on Mereen and Daenerys burning the ships of the Masters with all three of her dragons. But the highlight of the episode was the battle between the Starks and the Boltons. The battle was the biggest yet, production was huge. At the end of it all, the Starks have finally taken Winterfell back, and Sansa got the last laugh.

The Winds of Winter

The episode opened with the “accident” that destroyed the Great Sept of Baelor with wildfire – orchestrated by Cersei, with the help of Qyburn. Cersei erased all her enemies, including the Tyrells, and the Sparrow, in King’s Landing in an instant and without breaking a sweat. The episode also finally showed the Tower of Joy scene which proved the old theory of R+L+J.

All the highest rated episodes were among the bloodiest and gruesome episodes of the show. The episodes brought a great sense of thrill to the fans. Unlike “The Spoils of War”, the other highest rated episodes are season finales – when big events happen.

But with just 7 episodes in Season 7, big things are happening every episode.

The long awaited meetings and reunions, the Battle of the Greyjoys, the death of Olenna Tyrell, and lately the Loot Train Battle all happened in the first few episodes of the season. Season 7 still has 3 episodes left and there is still the war against the White Walkers to look forward to.