The fourth episode of “Game of Thrones” – “The Spoils of War” -- may be the shortest episode in the show’s history, but it was full of amazing scenes. Just when Cersei thought she was winning, Daenerys brings out Drogon and the Dothraki horde and attacked Jaime and the Lannister Army. After the events from “The Spoils of War,” there are questions for the next episode.

Is Jaime going to die?

Towards the end of the episode, Jaime tried to kill Daenerys. Before he could reach her, Drogon was going to breathe fire into Jaime’s direction, and Bronn knocked him off his horse into the lake just in time.

The episode ended with a shot of Jaime, unconscious, sinking in the lake (weighed down by his heavy Lannister armor) and his fate unknown.

There are no scenes or clips of him in the trailer for “Eastwatch,” and his sinking was not discussed in the post-show commentary “Inside the Episode.” This left viewers of the show wondering if Jaime is going to survive or die in the lake?

Many fans of the show are thinking Jaime will survive, though. Fans are hoping that maybe Bronn or even Tyrion could save him from sinking. Tyrion was watching the Loot Train Attack from afar. He saw the Lannister men burning and dying, and he saw his beloved brother charging towards Daenerys with a spear.

Who is the Golden Company?

Cersei paid the Crown’s debt to the Iron Bank. Tycho Nestoris asked Cersei what else could the Iron Bank help her with. Cersei said that she’ll be needing help to expand her army and navy. She also mentioned that Qyburn made “overtures” to the Golden Company in Essos. So, who are they?

The Golden Company has been mentioned before in season 4 by Davos.

He suggested to Stannis to hire the Golden Company to win the Iron Throne. The Golden Company is a well-known sellsword company from Essos and has a reputation of never breaking a contract.

Founded by Aegor Rivers (one of the bastard sons of King Aegon IV), they are one of the most skilled and largest sellsword companies in the Free Cities.

Even the Iron Bank hires the Golden Company to recover significant sums from other parties.

In a previous episode, Cersei used the patriotism of the Lords of Westeros to support her in the fight against Daenerys. She mentioned that Daenerys has brought an army of outsiders to fight the war. If Cersei does hire the Golden Company (outsiders) to fight for Westeros, she will be going against her own words.

Next plans?

In the trailer, Jon said that Bran saw the Night King and his army marching towards Eastwatch. Eastwatch was mentioned in the “Dragonstone” episode when Jon assigned the wildlings to guard the castle. It is also the same location that The Hound saw in a vision in flames.

With the White Walker army nearing the Wall, what could Jon’s plans be?

Will he finally bend his knee to get Daenerys’ help? Will Daenerys actually help Jon and the Northerners in the fight against the White Walkers while she is fighting against Cersei?

Meanwhile, at Winterfell, Littlefinger tried to get in Bran’s good graces by giving him the Valyrian Steel dagger that was used to kill him back in season 1. He believed that Bran is now the rightful Lord of Winterfell, which he is, but Bran already said he can’t be the Lord of anything because he is the Three-eyed Raven.

Bran managed to scare Littlefinger when he told him the same words that Littlefinger told Varys back in season 3 "Chaos is a ladder." With Bran knowing everything, he probably also knows what Littlefinger is up to. Bran later gave the dagger to Arya. Littlefinger saw Arya's skills while dueling against Brienne. He even gave a small bow to her. This makes the viewers wonder what could Littlefinger be up to now?