This summer has seen the return of singer Kesha as she released several tracks from her new album titled "Rainbow." A few days ago, the singer announced that she will be going on tour to promote the album which contains such tracks as "Praying," "Learn To Let Go" and "Woman." Fans are beyond excited to see their favorite singer back in action after four years of silence.

This is the stars first tour since 2013

According to Billboard, Kesha has announced her intention to go on tour with her new album "Rainbow." Her album has not yet been released but is due to be available for purchase on 11 August.

The star revealed the news of her tour a few days ago and has confirmed that there will be 21 dates to choose from.

This is the singers first tour since the year 2013 and fans have been going wild. The tour is due to kick off about one month after her album's official release on September 26 in Birmingham, Alabama and will continue through to October. It has been confirmed that the end of the "Rainbow" tour will be taking place on November 1st in the Los Angeles Hollywood Palladium.

According to E! News Kesha has also revealed that she will be performing live at three West Coast shows before she heads out on her "Rainbow" Tour. These shows include the KABOO festival in Del Mar, the M Resort and Casino in Los Angeles and finally the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas.

Fans are extremely excited that they will get to see their favorite artist performing live for the first time in four years.

Fans have already received a sneak peek at the album

According to COS News, Kesha has released a statement in which she said that the "Rainbow" album was written in dedication to her fans who have been there for her over the past few years.

The singer announced her return to the music industry earlier this summer with the release of "Rainbow" track "Praying."

The song told the story of the abuse Kesha suffered at the hands of producer Dr. Luke and fans felt deeply for the singer. The singer also released the tracks titled "Woman" and "Learn To Let Go" which are also tracks from the "Rainbow" album.

Fans have been going crazy since Kesha's return to the music world and have been posting their messages of support and love to the singer. Kesha's new sound has attracted great reviews from critics and fans cannot wait to hear her singing these tracks live.

The "Rainbow" tour will be ongoing for 6 weeks beginning September 26. Kesha has confirmed that she will be performing some of her old music on tour such as "Tik Tok" and "Your Love is My Drug."