Today, Katy Perry released the music video of her latest singleSwish Swish” featuring hit female rapper, Nicki Minaj. The video is presented by Capitol Records and is a breath of fresh air for Perry’s fans being so simple and relaxing. Perry’s video received a warm reception from her fans despite being a very new style to her, and fans do not see any hint of rivalry against Taylor, who was rumored to be rejecting her apologies.

Story of 'Swish Swish' music video

The “Swish Swish” music video is set in a basketball stadium called Bingo’s Bail Bond where Perry is seen sitting on top of basketballs piled like a pyramid.

She then throws a ball hitting the janitor and she crumples to the ground as the pile is deformed. The video then starts with an opening credit like that of the NBA but flashing the words “Swish Center” in the middle of neon lights.

The official broadcasters announce that the viewers are moments away from a basketball match that is the most unwatchable game of the season and that the Tigers (Katy Perry’s team) have no chance of beating their opponent team, the Sheep. The announcer further explains that it does not look good as Perry’s team hasn’t had a good season.

Stars featured in the music video

Right from the very start of the video, we can see famous stars in the video. First is Gaten Matarazzo who is one of the stars of Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” who was named as Gaten a.k.a.

Tragic Johnson. The star is also noted to be coming from Hawkins Middle School (his school in the "Stranger Things" series) and is the most unimproved player of the year.

The video also featured the “Game of Thrones” actor Hafþór Júlíus "Thor" Björnsson and “Glee” actress Jenna Ushkowitz. Jenna was named as "The Rainmaker" because she cannot stop sweating and was eventually given the stats “5 antiperspirants per game”.

Aside from the stars it also showcased the online star “Backpack Kid” who became famous because of her unique dance steps and labeled as “former Ballboy Turned Pro.”

To complete the Tiger team is Kobe Perry (Katy Perry) whom the announcers describe as the one, who despite all her efforts, just keep falling flat on the face. The match then starts and shows their nervous woman coach and how the underdogs always fail to score.

But then came the halftime show where Nicki Minaj performs a very admirable performance that served as the wakeup call for the Tigers. After that, they immediately gained the perfect momentum and win the game.