Last season on "The Haves and Have Nots" Erica exposed herself as a frenemy to Candace. When she saw War hiding in her closet, Erica kicked David out of her room. War explained that he believed Candy Cane set him up by putting drugs in his vehicle and he wants revenge. Surprisingly Erica agrees to help him. This shows she does not have the back of the woman who trusts her.

Candace and Erica find their mark

In the mid-season premiere that aired June 20, War called Erica on her cell phone and announced that Candace's son, Little Quincy, was killed during a shootout.

When Candace comes to the hotel room, her frenemy does not say one word about the little boy. She allows Candace to leave without knowing that her only child was murdered. Whatever Ms. Young did that caused her associate to turn on her in such a way must have been a big deal.

The storyline indicates that Erica and Candace have worked together in the past using sex to mark men. Erica is presently involved with David while Candace has the goods on a presidential candidate. These two previously used the "hit em and quit em rule". They manipulated men to obtain money then walked away with the spoils. Candace received several million dollars from Jim Cryer only to have David hire Oscar who marked her and took back all the money she did not use.

Candace decided to get even with David and asked Erica to mark him. David is a federal judge who admits the because he was married so long he's out of the dating game. He seems naive even though Oscar keeps warning him.

Without Veronica and Jim by his side, "The Haves and the Have Nots" are making David pretty pathetic. He goes to bed with Erica, but right in the middle of lovemaking, she stops him because War is watching from her closet.

They talk and it becomes clear that this woman is only a frenemy and does not have Candace's back.

Candace is being played

In episode one of the midseason return, Candy Cane shows up to Erica's hotel room. She believes this is a friend she can count on. What Candace is not aware of is that War just called and gave Erica some devastating news.

He told her that little Quincy was shot and killed when he went to the hotel room where Candace's mom and brother were staying. Erica didn't say a word to her supposed friend and allowed her to leave the room without knowing her only child is dead.

Ms. Young believes she is at the top of her game and that Erica is her partner in crime. This is no longer true. Eventually, it will be revealed why Erica is out to get Candace but for now, viewers can only speculate.

At any rate, she is helping the man who murdered her frenemy's little boy and she did not shed one tear. The midseason episodes of "The Haves and the Have Nots" are shaping up to be pretty intense. Viewers are in for a long, hot summer and need to pay attention so they will not miss a moment.